best vaping forums

Best Vaping Forums

It’s not too easy to find and name the best vaping forum, especially, if there are plenty of them. In this article we will take a look on the 6 most popular vaping forums visited by vapers. So let’s take a look on the most popular vaping forums.

Best Vaping Forums


best and the most popular vaping forumsWe have to admit, this forum is very, very popular. By Worth of Web they have around 75 thousand visitors per day, there are 600 000 active discussions and 240 000 registered members. Quiet impressive, isn’t it? On ECF, you will find more serious topics as on other vaping forums. They also provide coupon codes and Store Locator. What is Store Locator? – by using Google Maps you will be able to find the nearest vape shop. Note: many shops may  not be included into Store Locator.


best and the most popular vaping forumsAnother highly popular vaping forum. What’s so special about it? Well, for starters, this is one of the first vaping forums ever. The level of activity is quite high: there are around 220 000 discussions and 44 000 members. By Worth of Web we can see, that they have around 50 thousand daily visitors per day. They have plenty of categories, articles, topic and comments. If you will post a topic, most probably you will receive reply shortly.

VAPING FORUMSBest and the Most Popular Vaping Forums is an up and coming forum that attracts beginners in the vape market as well as people interested in customizing and modding. With growing support from various industry sites, organizations and vendors, Vaping Forums is hoping to rapidly grow their user base along with the growing e-cigarette market, by providing a useful resource to it’s users.


best and the most popular vaping forumsPlant of the Vapes is based in United Kingdom. This website doesn’t focus only on forum. They have also many other pages as: News, E-Liquid recipes, Products, Shops, Discount codes and other. By Worth of Web we can notice, that around 10 000 people per day reach their website and they have around 100 000 discussions and 30 000 active members.


best and the most popular vaping forumsUK Vapers is another website which is based in United Kingdom. Their daily visitor traffic is close to Planet of Vapes (according to Worth of Web)  around 10 000. But they have a little bit higher amount of members and discussions, if we compare with Planet of Vapes. Maybe it’s because UK Vapers focus only on forum instead of other sections.


best and the most popular vaping forumsNo, they are not the same. They have difference in name by one letter. Both forums are not so popular as above mentioned. Together they have around 6 500 visitors per day (according to Worth of Web). But it doesn’t mean, that they are worse. In these kind of forums you will feel more cozy and your posts won’t disappear between thousands of other entries! Of course, a reply can take some longer time, but it can be worth it.


If we miss some important information or you strongly believe, that other forum must be added on the list, please contact with us.

And which is your favorite Vaping Forum? 


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