Best CBD to THC Ratio

Best CBD to THC Ratio – What Are The Benefits?

Personalized Dose

Cannabis Therapeutics is dealt as customized medicine and its intake routine is varying from person to person and his condition which is being treated. To the get the maximum benefit from your dosage, choose those products which have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and also a component which is psychoactive in cannabis. When combined, THC and CBD work best in effects. Sensitivity of a patient to THC determines the dosage and ratio of medicines with CBD. Most people are happy with high consumption of cannabis without feeling any signs of being dysphoric or high. For some, THC is unpleasant. As intoxicating effects from THC can be reduced or eliminated by CBD, a higher ratio of CBD can give you a lesser high. It is important to find what ratio is suitable for you in order to get effective treatment.

Find out the suitable ratio for yourself

Even if the federal law has banned cannabis medicines, they can still be found as edibles, capsules, sublingual infused sprays, oil extracts and also other products. Oil extracts come with different ratios of THC and CBD which can be tested and then selected by patients based on their need.

Initially, a 10 to 1 ratio of CBD and THC is preferred by patients suffering from seizure disorders by birth, spasms, and depression. However, a balanced ratio may have beneficial effects for patients suffering from neurological diseases, cancer, and other diseases.

An equal ratio has been found effective for neuropathic pain in clinical researches. Finding the right ratio for therapeutic use maybe a step-by-step process, however, mostly patients end up with a greater ratio of THC when they observe the results of different ratios because they are comfortable with it as well.

Biphasic Effect

“Dosage is everything”—Paracelsus

Cannabis consumption works best on the “Less is More” theory as experiments have shown. Higher CBD ratio has no side effects till date but it does make complications when combined with drugs. A low cannabis consumption will act as a stimulator but if taken in excess, sedation can be experienced. Low THC gives less high but high THC gives less mood stability, though it is temporary. So compounds of cannabis posses biphasic properties and this should always be remembered.

Guidelines for Dosage

  1. Determine your consumption method for cannabis. Is it going to be edible, capsules, sprays or some other way?
  2. Spot your ratio. In order to therapeutically use cannabis, you must find the suitable ratio as THC and CBD are in different amounts in cannabis.
  3. Start low. It is obviously a sane way to try something new.
  4. Start in small episodes. It is better to take multiple small doses than one big dose.
  5. Change after being certain. Try a specific ratio for a few days and if you are unsatisfied, then bring about a change.
  6. Look out for side effects. Cannabis, in general, is safe to use and does not show harmful side effects. However, it will sometimes give you a dry mouth or faintness and dizziness experience.
  7. Go Ask your doctor first. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and if you had an encounter with drug abuse or alcohol, you need to consult your doctor before going for the dose.

We hope that this guide will help in defining your ratio and dosage of your intake.

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