best mech mods

Best Mech Mods of 2017

Mech Mods are attractive for people who use rebuildable atomizers and want a very personalized vaping experience which they believe regulated Mods cannot offer. Mech Mods are vaping devices that have only one base circuit. There are no chips or circuits that provide additional electronic features. The Mech Mod circuit purely connects the battery to the atomizer as well as when you push the fire switches it completes the circuit. Vape Mech Mods do not include the wide range of safety features that accompany regulated Mods. Therefore, you should follow the regulated Mods unless you have a lot of experience or use a simple preconfigured configuration.

One of the reasons why Mech Mods Vaping Devices are attractive to humans is that they can be repaired by the user. If something breaks down, it is easy for the user to buy a spare part and adjust it himself. The lack of complicated electronic components also means fewer parts have to break down over time. There is no reason for a well-preserved Mech Mods to last indefinitely. Some of the Best Mech Mods of 2017 are as follows:


Aventador Nitro by G.I Mod

best mech mods

The Aventador Nitro by G.I. Mods is a fantastic piece of Filipino craftsmanship, with some of the most beautiful and challenging Mods. G.I Mods are known to offer the best quality and Nitro is another great example. This is a mod for the collection, especially for lovers of high-end mechanic Mods. It’s worth the price. The Nitro is elegant equipment that behaves like a champion. The Nitro is a fully automatic double box mod with silvered copper fittings, which is a luxurious and hard striker.

Advantages Disadvantages
Peek isolated switch Aluminum interior (requires additional maintenance)
Very attractive
Ergonomic and comfortable release
High-quality construction
Compact for a double parallel box

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VGOD Elite Mech Modbest mech mods

VGOD Elite MECH MOD is a high-quality mechanical MOD with fantastic quality and performance: “glare-free” chassis with high-strength copper construction, VGOD flag deep VGOD engraving. It is available in Black color.

Advantages Disadvantages
Comfortable size Clear coating can rub-off
Affordable hard -hitter
Setting the floating battery
Battery protection function
Soft carbon fiber switch
Gold plated copper contact

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Hell-Vape Trishul Mech Modbest mech mods

The Hellvape Trishul Kit is the perfect combination of Trishul RDA and Trishul Mech Mod. The Trishul Kit offers you a wonderful vaping experience. The Trishul RDA adopts the design of two poles and a superior airflow design. Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Trishul MOD features a hybrid contact, an engraved button, an angled spring and a molded design. Available in 2 colors.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good value Small battery ventilation
Tapered design is nice to hold
Adjusts automatically to the battery
Magnetic switch option
Mech Tube with Hard-Hitting

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XXX Mod: With the Comp-S Switchbest mech mods

XXX is the fantasy of a cloud hunter and is not just another tube. The silver contacts, the gold-plated copper switch and a solid construction make it the ideal product for competitive vapors. The XXX is one of the first to use the 20700 batteries, but it comes with an adapter to employ a single 18650 also. From a solid case design, the only wire on the battery cover that ensures a very small voltage drop. It has an ergonomically curved design for comfort and style. It starts at 28mm at the top and reduces to 24mm. The atomizers of 24 and 25 mm will look good in Mod XXX.

Advantages Disadvantages
Well Manufactured No battery insulation function
Solid Body and Comfortable Design (low voltage drop)
Extension parts available
Space for 24 and 25 mm
Works with a single 20700 or 18650 battery
Hybrid connection

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SZX Competition Modbest mech mods

For competitive vapers, Sub Ohm Innovations is back with another tough hitter! The Sub Zero X has the best features of two of its most popular Mods, the Legendary and the Shorty. It is slightly wider and uses interchangeable covers to allow for greater user customization. The Sub-Zero X is 25 mm in diameter, 1 mm more than its predecessors. These are features that you would not normally find in a competition-grade, cloud chasing mod. They include new enhancements that include a short internal protective cover and reverse polarity protection.

Advantages Disadvantages
Really innovative Switch not destined for dismantling
Difficulty Player
Battery safety ventilation
Lock switch
Low voltage drop
Short protective cover
Exchangeable sleeves

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