best thc vape pens

Best Wax, Dab and THC Vape Pens

You probably do not have the time or the money to buy all these pens, coils and vaporizers. You want to know that the pen that throws a piece of dough is the best, so let’s cover it! Even if you have the money you can spend on the best advanced pens, there are so many different types of THC Vape Pens and accessories that you would need an assistant to help you navigate the best for you. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision, help you save money, and most of all; we want to help you save time searching for cannabis concentrate pens. In this article, we have carefully researched and tested all the leading pens on the market to tell you which ones are the best. If there is a Steam Wax Pen that you cannot see here, please be aware that we are constantly testing, modifying and updating this page as we purchase more products.

Best Wax, Dab and THC Vape Pens

Yocan Magneto

best thc vape pens


Yocan continues to evolve. Yocan Magneto plus is the latest development in wax pen technology. With super-efficient ceramic coil lid and integrated tip tool. The cover system makes the device much easier to maintain and reduces the overall size and mass of the load. Best of all, it’s completely magnetic, so you do not have to worry about threads anymore. The advanced ceramic coils produce an excellent aroma and reach the point that the Dabber need. You get a sweet but powerful shot. With a powerful 1100 mAh battery that has a built-in storage compartment for wax.

Advantages Disadvantages
Produce good taste and Vapor Coil caps are sold separately from heads
Micro USB per charge
1100 mAh battery life
Storage compartment
Coil plugs reduce clutter
Replaceable heads
Can be used in any mod 510

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Humboldt Vape Tech Sayonara Atomizer

best thc vape pens

Humbold Vape Tech offers simple and effective products with excellent customer service. The Saionara Atomizer is a simple solution for experienced dabbers for Vape wax. It uses three different interchangeable coil heads that offer a slightly different evaporation experience. The Saionara connects to its standard Vape mod or can be purchased in a kit. The kit includes your choice of mod with an 18650 battery, everything you need in the box. The atomizer uses Kanthal black wax, SS black ceramic and wondrous ceramic coils.

Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable Better for advanced dabbers
Well built
Multiple role options
Excellent customer service
Available as a separate kit or atomizer

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Kiss Alpha Centauri V3

best thc vape pens

It is considered as one of the best portable pens of all time. The Kiss Alpha Centauri V3 is the latest breakthrough from W9 Tech, makers of the original KISS cartridge. Made of stainless steel, the atomizer is durable and discreet compared to typical balloon glass accessories. It also has an airflow control ring to mark your ideal configuration. The device is available as part of a complete kit or as an independent atomizer. The Kiss Alpha Centauri offers tasty treats with a Class 2 titanium roll. It also uses rebuild able ceramic spirals for hardcore flavor trackers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Ceramic and titanium coil options Expensive
Excellent taste
510 compatible
Contains glass ball and additional coils
Simple design

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Kandypens Prisma Plus

best thc vape pens

Are you trying to find your first THC pen? The prism is a good start. If you already have a Kandype and are tired of the tight airflow and eGo load, it may be time to upgrade it. This crayon looks like a train, especially using this double spiral quartz. If you are looking for a wax vaporizer pen that is small but has a medium impact, look at Prism Plus. Take all features of the Kandypen Mini to the next level. The 900 mAh battery has a Micro-USB-Step-Load and can be connected to your regular Mod 510.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to clean / maintain Expensive
Ultra-compact design
Ceramic / quartz coil options available
Good battery life
Appropriate airflow
Micro USB

Galaxy Kandypen

best thc vape pens

It is a tough pen with an incredible taste with full control. Titanium coils and quartz wick provided a large and efficient shot in the highest configuration and a softer and tastier drainage in lower configurations. The battery has a lifetime warranty.

Advantages Disadvantages
Great taste Draw Tight
Lifetime Warranty on the battery
Strong blow
Good battery life
Three “heat levels” (also known as variable voltage)

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