Best Way to Store E-Juice

What is The Best Way to Store E-Juice?

The vaping industry has been gaining fame around the globe for years now. Since the first e-cigarettes became commercially available back in the mid-2000s, a lot of people have preferred this alternative. These e-cigarettes have been introduced as an alternative to smoking, and have succeeded so far in accomplishing their motive.

According to Action on Smoking and Health, electronic cigarettes are a far better and more effective replacement for nicotine replacement therapies. Several studies have also shown that using electronic cigarettes lets people get through the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that take place after you quit smoking.

If you are also looking to replace smoking with a good vape pen, you need to understand how to properly care for your products, particularly if you’re going to use e-juice.

Best Way to Store Vaping E-Juice?

This is where things get complicated. While herbs (for portable vaporizers) are not that difficult to preserve, not many people know the ways electronic liquid can be preserved. This often becomes an issue if you are going on a long journey and want to pack enough e-juice with you to last the trip. How do you do it?

Keep It in the Dark

One of the best ways to store your e-liquid for longer periods of time is to keep it away from sunlight. Several experts have concluded that e-liquids when exposed to sunlight tend to lose colour as well as taste. While the colour may not matter much to someone who vapes, the taste certainly does. In fact, the variety of flavour options is often the core reason why people switch to e-cigarettes.

They allow you to enjoy fruity flavours while experiencing the hits of a conventional cigarette. Another thing that you should do is keep the e-liquid away from heat. When the liquid gets heated, it tends to change its chemical composition, affecting the flavour, and ruining the vaping experience.

Freeze It!

When it comes to storing or preserving something, the first thought that comes to our mind is freezing the product. The same goes for e-juice. By having the liquid frozen, you will slow the process of oxidation down which keeps the liquid from going bad. Right when you want to use the e-liquid, simply melt it and fill the e-cigarette up. You will enjoy the exact same flavour as if you had bought the e-liquid from a shop.

Use Darker Glass Bottles

A great way to keep your e-liquid fresh for a longer is to store it in dark-coloured bottles. This keeps light from affecting the liquid. The reason why glass bottles are preferred is that after some time, the plastic bottles tend to impact the formation of the substance, which this affects the quality.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the same great quality of vapour in the long-term, store the e-liquid in dark-coloured glass bottles.


If you want to ensure you’re getting the best experience when vaping, combine the above-mentioned steps. Make sure that you use tinted glass bottles to store the e-juice. This will keep the liquid away from light. Furthermore, make sure to keep the e-liquid in a cool place. Storing that tinted bottle in the fridge will be a great way to prolong the shelf-life of the e-juice. A better way will be to freeze the e-juice, but make sure that you transfer the liquid to a container that can be frozen.

Overall, it’s best that you either use fresh e-juice, or opt for one that has been stored properly. You don’t want to be constantly buying new liquid because you’ve ruined your last purchase through inadequate care, so taking on the above advice is essential.

Do you have any special ways to store your juice that’s proven to be a success? Let us know in the comments!

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