cheap or expensive e-juice

What to buy? Cheap or Expensive E-juice?

The year 2017 was difficult to choose new e-liquid that suit your taste as well as needs because there are many flavors and lots of brands. But this is only the tip of the iceberg; you also have to find the perfect VG/PG mixture, choose good nicotine strength and evaluate the content of a certain e-liquid. And there is still one important thing to consider when buying e-liquid which is the “Price”. So, things are a bit tricky here, especially for a new vapor.

Why do some e-liquids go to about 2 or 3 dollars for a 10-ml bottle, while some companies sell almost the same things for ophthalmic prices up to $ 20 and $ 30? To answer the question, a cheap E-liquid certainly does not mean that it is not safe. More than that is necessary to evaluate the safety of the same thing – things like unbiased assessments from customers in online forums, certifications and official hints are helpful to locate a particular e-liquid better. If you are not sure about the origin / content of an e-liquid, especially if you make an online purchase, do not be afraid to ask the seller a question and see what he has said.


Cheap or Expensive E-juice?

Is Cheap E-juice Safe?

Most cheap e-fluids come from China. Since there are many stereotypes about Chinese migratory manufacturing practices, some Vapers choose to avoid electronic juices from this eastern country because they care about the safety of these products. Nevertheless, brands like Dekang, Hangsen and Feellife are very popular around the world. And there is a reason for this: They said that producers (and many others too) have actually revoked all myths and provided high quality and good taste e-juices, and to soothe those who doubt of Hangsen and Feellife, there is even a final list of the ingredients that are printed on the packaging. These brands are also recognized by large organizations in Europe and the United States.

In the case of low-cost e-liquids, the actual risk can arise from certain products manufactured in the West, which are often produced in small laboratories. For example, there is no guarantee that these electronic fluids actually contain enough nicotine per milliliter as indicated on the label – simply because in a small lab there is much more room for errors. In addition, it is always advisable not to buy any e-liquid in a bottle with a hand-written or without a label.

The most expensive E-fruit juices consist of better quality, for example, of safer ingredients. However, this is not always true, so let’s try to figure out if the cheap e-liquid is not worth it and if you really need to spend dollars on “gourmet e-juice”.

What Are The Gourmet Flavors?

If you’re a new vapor, it’s a good idea to try the Vape-Juice. If you have a tight budget, the above Chinese companies are likely to meet all your needs: They offer dozens and even hundreds of flavors, various VG / PG reports as well as different levels of nicotine. However, there is one thing that many of the e-liquid companies do not offer: the so-called gourmet flavors.

The term “Gourmet Flavor” is commonly used to describe a mixture of non-ordinary and sophisticated e-liquids. Although someone can get normal flavor and mix them with PG and VG, gastronomic flavors are far above that level. To produce these flavors, companies use pharmaceutical ingredients, mix electronic fluids before shipping, and even use “Mixologists”. All this increases the cost of the process, which of course is reflected in the final price. However, as Vapers already expect a gourmet taste to be a little expensive, some companies take the liberty to add extra money to the already premium price tag, resulting in a very expensive product that, in fact, does not do much better than your average bottle of $ 5 10 ml.

Expensive Vs Cheap E-juice

With regard to the advantages and disadvantages of e-liquids in a particular price category, this is above all your personal preference. The price is certainly not the most important factor to consider when buying your e-juice – some of the most exclusive gourmet products may still not be perfect for your taste while you might find a nugget ‘gold between the cheapest e-liquid bottles on FastTech.

However, e-liquid brands and gourmet lines will most likely offer you a much more exquisite selection of flavors. For more than $ 5 for a 10ml bottle, you will find “a mixture of coconut caramel impregnated with a light touch of eucalyptus and a silk and a woody tone” or something similar. You will probably find these flavors, and you will understand that Vaping is much more than inhale and expel your standard tobacco juice, but it certainly does not mean that a simple blend of tobacco is bad. And if you are in these more sophisticated flavors, all you have to do is to find a premium juice maker / supplier that will not overprice products.


To summarize everything, more expensive is not always better. But the happy way for a person who wants to try something new is the test. Do not be afraid of relatively cheap electronic fluids and try some high quality e-juices to find out what suits your taste best. In addition, if you use a sub-ohm tank e-liquid consumption is another factor to consider and you may not want to spend the same amount of money as once you’ve spent. You get high-end high-priced products and remember that a new brand with the price of more than $ 1.50 per milliliter could be a little too much – it’s an e-liquid After all, not a perfume.

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