8 Reasons to get your vape pens online

Vaping has emerged as a trend that has gained tremendous popularity amongst young adults across the country. If the latest surveys and statistics are to be believed, over 35 million people across the country use vape pens. Additionally, since vaping has been seen as a cleaner alternative to smoking cigarettes, the demand for vaping devices, […]

Geekvape Aegis Max Kit

Geekvape Aegis Max Kit – You Deserve It.

Following the classic shape of Aegis vape, the new product Aegis Max released by Geekvape may create a new legend in the vape market. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, Geekvape Aegis Max Kit is compatible with both 18650 and 21700 battery, which can output up to 100W. Inheriting the IP67 rating of the Aegis line, Aegis […]

How to Choose the Right CBD Seller

How to Choose the Right CBD Seller for You

Maybe you have been considering consuming CBD (cannabidiol) to ease symptoms of some health conditions. Research shows that CBD is an effective treatment for pain as a result of cancer, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic. CBD is a cannabis compound that is gaining a lot of popularity. Therefore, manufacturers are flooding the market with more and more […]

Vape Pairings

7 Vape Pairings You Need to Try Today

According to studies, vaping is a much safer way to heighten your experience with marijuana or tobacco compared to smoking. Besides safety and convenience, it allows you to use delicious flavors and healthy micronutrients like CBD (cannabidiol) into your sessions. Picking the right e-juice and flavor to vape is an experimental process that is solely […]

Is Vaping a Friend or Foe for an athlete

Is Vaping a Friend or Foe for an athlete?

Have you ever seen sports or athletes being associated with smoking?  There don’t match somehow. The closest we have seen them in when Michael Jordan was holding a cigar and posing for the camera with the cigar in his mouth after winning his NBA championships. Other than this you might not have seen smoking and […]

vilification of e-cigs

How vapers feel about the vilification of e-cigs?

So first of all, what needs to be made clear is what exactly an e-cigarette is. While there are a lot of people with a lot of different definitions for this product, according to the US Patent application, an e-cigarette is defined as “an electronic atomization cigarette that functions as substitutes [sic] for quitting smoking […]

Blush Gold JUUL

Limited Edition Blush Gold JUUL – For FREE?

Remember recently launched Navy Blue JUUL? After the success of Navy Blue JUUL has launched a brand new limited edition color. And what’s the best – you can get Blush Gold JUUL for free! But the truth is – it’s only available for free if you sign up for minimum 3 months subscription to JUUL’s […]