Vaping Vs. Hookah

Vaping Vs. Hookah – Which is Better?

If you know what Vaping is using a coil to heat a liquid that normally contains nicotine, it should be clear that there is a big difference between the hookah and Vaping. In Vaping, there is no tobacco, despite the presence of nicotine or even some flavor components of tobacco leaves. Although hookah tobacco is […]

Can Vaping Cause Bad Breath

Can Vaping Cause Bad Breath?

Vaping is known as the getaway for a cigarette. Its use involves a cigarette type device commonly known as an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette contains liquid and a battery which heats up the liquids and converts it into vapors which are inhaled by the users. The amount of nicotine and glycogens in the e-cigarettes are 95% […]

Best E Juice Diy Kit

Best E Juice DIY Kit – Where to Get It?

Vape Wild as of late began offering the required supplies for making your own e-juice at home. They offer everything from empty bottles of different sizes to required equipment. There’s likewise enhance focuses and bases. Vape Wild has formula units that can be obtained from $5.98 to $19.95. If you’re prepared to jump into DIY […]

What Vaping Feels Like

What Vaping Feels Like? Answers You Need to Know

You may have heard in the media that Vaping is the same as smoking. It is very different though. In fact all taste, the purest sensation of quality of Vaping, feeling of thickness to the highest volume has expired; Vaping is far superior to harmful tobacco smoke in every respect. But for someone who has […]

Which Vaping Liquids Contain Diacetyl

Which Vaping Liquids Contain Diacetyl? Should You be Worried?

Diacetyl is one of the favorite topics of authors who want to deter potential Vapers. However, the risks of vaporizing Diacetyl-containing e-liquids are difficult to detect. We do not know with certainty whether the evaporation of Diacetyl is dangerous, but it should be taken seriously, since the consequences of inhaling the chemical powder can be […]

electronic cigarettes vs chewing tobacco

Electronic Cigarette Vs. Chewing Tobacco Vs. Snuff

Cigarette use has been slowly declining in the US. But many alternatives have gained popularity. The alternative products of tobacco and nicotine delivery are: E-Cigarettes Smoke-Free Tobacco   These come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. They are often marketed as relatively safe. However, alternative tobacco products contain chemicals and potentially harmful toxins. These can […]

Will E cigarettes Stain Your Teeth

Will E cigarettes Stain Your Teeth?

It is well known that smokers have bad teeth. They get “nicotine stains,” people say, turning their teeth from bright white to opaque yellowish-brown. In the face of such comments, most Vapers rightly point out that nicotine in pure form is virtually colorless. Obviously, the problem of not smoking teeth is not just nicotine but […]