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Hot Vape Tank? Find Out The Unspoken Reasons

Many people who are new to vaping and are exploring the world of vaping have been questioning about their vape tanks getting hotter while they are using. They think that their vape tank is malfunctioning or some even blame themselves for not vaping properly. Well don’t worry, we are here to guide you properly. There are multiple reasons for which a vape tank increases it temperature when it is being used. It is not necessary that the vape tank is malfunctioning due to which it gets very hot and it is also not necessary that the user is using the device in the wrong way. Multiple reasons are behind this phenomenon and you don’t have to worry. This article is all about helping you understand this phenomenon and the precautions that you can take to make sure that you don’t fall a victim to it again.


First let’s talk about the reasons due to which the vape tank normally gets hot. The following list will explain it in detail.
  • Coil Inside The Tank

We all know that vape tanks have coils which are heated to evaporate the liquid and make vapors. So obviously it gets the heat transferred to the tank body as well. So you don’t have to be too much worried about your device getting hot. This is normal.

  • Hand Held Heat

Another reason of the vape tank getting warmer and warmer is the heat transferred from the hand to the vape tank as well. your body also generates heat as it burns carbohydrates and calories. So when you hold the vape tank, it increases in its temperature. So it is normal that your vape tank increases its temperature a little bit.

  • Short Circuit

This phenomenon rarely occurs and depends on the quality of your vape tank. If any part of the coil is in direct contact with the vape tank body, then the temperature of the vape tank will increase drastically and it might be difficult for you to hold the tank. This is a dangerous situation and you should check the quality of the vape tank before you buy your product. We always recommend safe vaping.

  • Extreme Usage

Some enthusiasts are taking their devices to the limits and they forget to stay in the temperature limits defined for their devices. Such cases will also cause the vape tank to heat up and even malfunction with giving you a burnt flavor.

Things To Look Out For

Now that you know what can be the reasons for your vape tank getting hot, here is a list of precautions that you should take into account every time you vape or buy a vape tank product. Following these instructions and keeping these safety precautions in mind will help you and you will not fall a victim to such a situation again.

  1. Proper coil
  2. Temperature range
  3. Appropriate liquid for the vape tank build
  4. Not too long vaping sessions
  5. Battery lid and connections

Now let’s explain the precautions.

  1. Proper coil

Every tank is built for a specific coil wire with which it works the best. Be sure to check your manual and then use that coil.

  1. Temperature range

The safety and usage manual always has the best temperature range for your vaping device and you will always be comfortable if you stay in that range.

  1. Proper e-liquid

It is also important to use the proper liquid in your tank. Some liquids might be too dense for your vape tank to evaporate and in the process, the heating coil is over heated which causes your device to increase its body temperature.

  1. Too long vaping sessions

Some people have mentioned that they have extra batteries because they want to vape more. Having extra batteries is a good thing but it also overloads your vape tank sometimes as the recommended vaping session is not kept in check and more vaping time makes the device hotter.

  1. Battery Connection

It is very important to keep in check that battery of your vape tank is properly inserted. It should be of the recommended wattage and provides the company recommended power.

Moreover, it is necessary to check that battery compartment has no moisture in it, the lid is properly placed and that the battery side is exposed to air in breaks from vaping so that the battery transfers its heat into the air.

If your battery is getting hot, be careful and it is better to visit your nearest vape shop for help.


If your device is working properly but getting a little hot for your lips, you can use different mouthpiece. You should try a mouthpiece made of plastic or glass or even rubber material. This will not disturb or injure your mouth and lips during vaping.

At VaporDNA and DirectVapor you can get some decent drip tips.


So there you have it. If your vape tank is getting warmer and you want to find the reason, this article will help you in doing not only that but we have also made out the precautions list. Hope you will enjoy your safe vaping now.

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