How to Store CBD Oil?

How to Store CBD Oil? Find Out Best Methods

What can be the best way to store your CBD oil is something I really enjoy talking about. It is important to know so that you can get the most output from your CBD.

Keeping your CBD oil away from extreme temperature, light and moisture is one way to do it. Keeping it in a pantry with dry air is a good way to store it.


Refrigerating your CBD oil is also one way for good storage as it is believed to give a longer lifespan on the shelf for the CBD oil. Though the liquid will get thick if cooled down too much but running it under warm water for a while will bring back the quality.

The normal shelf life of a CBD oil in a good environment is a year and many people have been replacing then as they got stored away for more than a year.

It is important to be aware of the carrier in which you are storing your CBD oil. The company provided carrier is specially designed to hold the concentration of the CBD oil which is perfectly calculated for the extracts. For example hemp seed oil, olive oil, MCT oil or coconut oil are commonly used carriers so you can feel comfortable while adopting the method of storing these oils for storing your CBD oil as well.

Personally I prefer to store my CBD oil with my cooking oils and salads in a place where sunlight is absent and the place has a room temperature. I keep those bottles in the fridge which I want to use for a long time and want them to have a longer shelf life than a year.

I am sure that this article is going to provide you enough material which will be helpful in allowing you to store your CBD oil in the best way and get the longest shelf life possible for your CBD oils.

Post Author: Martin