Juul Cool Cucumber Review

JUUL has been a game changer from its first day of arrival at the market. Many have tried to copy it which means that it has potential. Weighing in at only a few ounces when not unboxed, the little guy has some big surprises. Here is something more for you. JUUL has hit the market with another exciting new flavor. It’s the Cool Cucumber. Among so many awesome flavors, JUUL just did not stop there. Awesome right?

First Impression

Juul Cool Cucumber review

With a more minty taste to it more than menthol, the Cool Cucumber is actually a limited edition flavor by JUUL which has an aromatic touch of cucumber and sweetness in its flavor. A moderate sensation of cooling is also there in the finishing. I must say, I sometimes feel as if I tasted melon but I might be just imagining. The flavor is my favorite JUUL flavor now. Yes, some might not like it but it is just perfect for me.


For a start, the flavor is just awesome. It can be tried with multiple drinks and combined with other flavors as well. Moreover, the flavor has a very peculiar fragrance which can be used as a room spray by some enthusiasts who get visited by friends and not by their parents. (you know what I mean). JUUL could definitely have introduced an upgrade to its device. This time a real upgrade and not just the looks but still I would appreciate JUUL for such a unique flavor addition. Though an improvement to their current great device would not be a very bad thing to do.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
More addition to the flavor family of JUUL Sometimes the flavor confuses with other flavors
Flavor is actually very tasty The only introduction of a flavor is not enough
Aromatic experience (good for a room with friends maybe)


I took the flavor as a rumor at first. Sometimes a new flavor by JUUL is just a hoax but cool cucumber is for real. And it is being sold in a few shops under a label of a limited edition. Though Mango flavor was also first a limited edition but now it’s a permanent one. Maybe cool cucumber will be next in line. I wonder what other JUUL fans think of the flavor. Personally, I like it and I know many of the fans might not accept it as the best flavor by JUUL so far. If you have tried the Cool Cucumber flavor, let me know your comments below.

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