What is Stoptober

What is Stoptober? It’s back with BANG!

Smoking is a habit that has encapsulated the lives of many people in such a way that their lives revolve around the axis of smoking. People find it extremely hard to quit the habit of smoking. Remember the word Impossible states itself that I M Possible. Lucky for you, here is the right thing for you which will get you pumped and excited to finally get rid of the habit of smoking. Stoptober will free you from the slavery of cigarettes by stealing them and in return guarantying you a healthy life.

What is Stoptober?

Public Health England has arranged a trial of twenty-eight days for people who want to quit smoking. This campaign will start from first October. This is where the word STOPTOBER was evolved.  The Stoptober campaign has affected around 1 billion people throughout the globe in which people attempted to quit smoking. The whole campaign has its foundation in the research that people who do not smoke for twenty-eight days straight are more likely to quit smoking once and for all.   The Stoptober campaign will give you just the support you need and will make sure that you are not alone on that difficult journey.


How will Stoptober campaign help?

A new technology has evolved which is the right replacement for a cigarette and they are known as e-cigarettes. Vaping with e-cigarette allows you to have the same experience which is given by an actual cigarette but in comparison, these e-cigarettes are not harmful as they are tobacco free. Around 2.9 million people use e-cigarettes in England.  With the support from the campaign, you will shift your smoking routine to your vaping routine for 28 days. With this, you are more likely to quit smoking.  As nicotine is the substance the body craves for, the e-cigarette will provide you just the amount you require and will ultimately be a step forward to completely quitting. In addition, vapewild.eu will be providing you with the vaping essentials on discounted rates.

What is Vaping?

All the e-cigarettes and other vaping devices contain an e-liquid which is heated. The e-liquid contains the following substances:

  • Nicotine
  • Propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin
  • Flavors

The benefit of these e-cigarettes is that the process of burning tobacco is not involved and tar and carbon monoxide which are harmful chemicals are not produced either. These vaping devices are 95 percent less harmful than the cigarettes that we smoke. This idea has evolved that states that nicotine is harmful but it’s not true. Nicotine is addictive but far less harmful than the substances tobacco consists.

Stoptoberlicious deals!

As the month of October is just around the corner, vapewild.eu has taken out special deals to help all the people in their attempt to quit smoking. They have some super cool and super easy to use start kits for newbies which are on 15 percent discount. Yes! Vapewild.eu understands the risks of smoking and is there for you in every step of the journey. Above all this, they are offering a special deal on the e-liquids in which new customers can get 3x 10ml e-liquids for FREE! This offer is especially for new customers. For more information please visit vapewild.eu.

Registration guide

If you are ready to accept the challenge then you can make an online registration on www.smokefree.nhs.uk/stoptober. You will receive a phone app and a Stoptober package along with messages and emails which are all for FREE.

Gear up and hop on the ride which will take you to a city of healthy lungs and a healthy heart. In addition to this, it will help you save some money.

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