In What Temperature to Vape CBD? What’s the Best Temp for CBD?

It is important to vape with a proper temperature when you are dealing with a marijuana vaporizer.

It is common knowledge nowadays that healthiest way to use marijuana is vaping. But not many know that the vaping experience has big dependency on the temperature regarding experience of vaping.

To get the best recreational and medical experience out of vaping with marijuana, it is important that terpenes and cannabinoids are properly vaporized at the appropriate temperature.

Perfect Temperature

Dr Ian Mitchell is a clinical assistant professor and an emergency physician at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He says the perfect temperature or vaping cannabis is from 175 to 200 degree Celsius, (347 to 392 Fahrenheit)

However, he mentioned that in recent studies, 210 degree centigrade was a fixed point for vaporizing cannabis.

Dr. Anzo Hazekamp (studies cannabis on medical basis in Bedrocan BV, Netherlands as head of research) said that 210 centigrade keeps the most proper balance between smooth vaping and perfect evaporation of cannabis and terpenes.

Low Heat Vs. High Heat

Dr. Hazekamp  says that if you want to get a lower high on cannabis and are comfortable with vaping mostly terpenes, then keep your vaping temperature below 180 centigrade. Studies show that more cannabinoids are yielded at higher temperatures.

An experiment had the following results with respect of yields and temperatures.

  • 170 degree centigrade yielded 24% cannabinoids.
  • 230 degree centigrade yielded 77% cannabinoids.

Dr. Mitchel says that higher temperature is suitable for THC extraction and at low temperatures, vaping is comparatively healthier.

If you vape at a temperature more than 235 centigrade, there is no difference between regular smoking and vaping. So stay on the healthier side.

Thc Vaping and CBD Vaping

Despite trying, it is somewhat impossible to make a difference when you want to change the effects of THC or CBD based on temperature control. There is only a difference of 10 degrees which is a precision not offered by many vaporizers.

Dr. Mitchell suggests that controlling the THC and CBD level can be easily done if we manipulate the amount of cannabis in our vaping sample.

Important Things To Take Into Account

Dr. Hazekamp mentioned to take into account the moisture of the cannabis as in a vaporizer, remaining water of the plant is the first item to boil and evaporate in it.

He also suggested considering the model of vaporizer in use. Different models have different evaporating rates such as desktop models and convenction-style vaporizers have different rates of evaporating cannabis.

Dr. Mitchell added to his comment that the cheap vaporizers like conduction-style vaporizers and vape pens have a disadvantage of having a hotspot which complicates the smooth flow of vaping experience.

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