3 Great Gift Ideas for Someone Looking to Quit Smoking

Now that the dangers of smoking cigarettes are well known, more and more people are looking to give up the habit. For those in their 30s and 40s who have been smoking a while though, this might not be so easy. If you have a friend or family member in this position, buying them a gift to help for their next birthday or at Christmas is a top idea.

But what kind of gifts could you plump for?

Self-help books

A great place to start is self-help books. There are many books like this available from reputable online sites like Amazon or your local bookstore. This is an awesome gift because it is something practical they can use and gives them all the information they need to get going. Many smokers simply don’t know where to start when they want to quit – a quality book can give them the guidance they need.

Gym membership

Another great gift idea to help someone you love give up smoking is paying for a gym membership. This will be a treat for them and a real reward for making the decision to give up cigarettes. Heading to the gym will also help them get back in top shape and also give them somewhere to stay active when quitting smoking. They will be so busy having fun and getting fit, cigarettes will not even cross their mind.

E cig starter kit

Most people need a helping hand when it comes to deciding to stop smoking. A great way to make this transition smoother and more achievable is buying them the best e cig starter kit to try out. Using an e cigarette is healthier than smoking and really does aid people to give up proper cigarettes for good. Not only that but it is cheaper than smoking so will still save them money.If you are looking for the ideal gift for someone who is quitting smoking, E-cig starter kits are a great choice.

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