Waxmaid 510 Thread Electric Dab Tool – Honey Knife

Have you considered a superb way to smoke your concentrates almost hassle-free? The Hot Knife from Waxmaid presents that opportunity. It allows you to upgrade your dabbing experience by redefining how you take your dab.

In addition to the convenience and precision, it has an irresistible 420 deal that you cannot resist, especially if you are on a budget. Here is all about the dab tool with the 510-thread battery and why you should get it before the 420 festivities begin.

What is the Honey Knife from Waxmaid?

The Honey Knife is a game-changing dab tool for both beginners and connoisseurs. Unlike traditional dab tools, this electric marvel uses a heated ceramic tip to scoop and transfer concentrates effortlessly.

Here, there is a chance for you to stop wrestling with messy waxes or leaving precious concentrate behind. The Honey Knife ensures a clean and efficient dab every time you take a hit.

The best part is that it suits all the travelers and those who are always on the move. So, if your 420 celebrations are full of movements, the dabbing tool will ensure you can take a dab hit when your body and mind request it.

Why Choose the Honey Knife for a Lit 420?

In addition to the features, this dab tool has a 420 deal that welcomes everyone who wants to try something simple yet extraordinary. More reasons to choose the electric dabbing tool include:

Effortless Dabs

Do you struggle with scooping and loading your dab? This dabbing tool, with its shape and functionality, solves that problem. Its superior conductivity makes the ultra-thin ceramic tip cut through any concentrate like butter.

Thanks to the faster heating, simply press the button, and your chosen concentrate will meet a well-prepared transfer. There are fewer chances of leaving residue or waste behind.

Precise Temperature Control

The Honey Knife has four adjustable voltage settings, ranging from 2.7v to 4.2v. These settings allow you to find the perfect temperature for your concentrate, ensuring optimal flavor and vaporization.

To change the temperature, click the button three times quickly. The temperature changes are shown in the next section below. If you don’t know the precise temperature for your preferred concentrates, double-click for automatic heating.

Dabbing in Style

The Honey Knife isn’t just functional—it’s sleek! Its shape allows you to dab and pack it quickly since there are no bulky glasses to deal with here.

It also features a diamond-shaped light around the button. That makes it easy to switch the temperature modes as you dab in low-light conditions.

510-Thread Connectivity

This dab tool has a shorter heating time thanks to the ceramic tip and the 510-thread battery. The honey knife, battery, and tip are also perfectly connected to other compatible devices.

So, in addition to its convenience, it also offers parts for other dabbing tools you might try or use during the 420 festivities. 

Portable Perfection

The Honey Knife is a travel-friendly size, making it the perfect companion wherever your 420 celebrations take you. As we have already mentioned, packing it while on the move is not a problem.
Its parts also allow for easy traveling times since nothing requires special attention for safety.

Color Variety

There are two color options when buying. You can get the one with the green, blue, and purple color combination or the black one. It’s a matter of preference here. Just ensure that whatever you get will be something you can look at for the rest of your dabbing sessions.

The 420 Deal

Ordering this dab tool means saving money. It costs less than $22, and there is a discount during the 420 festivities. If your order is above $42, you will receive free shipping.

For those ordering more, $100 worth of purchase will save you $10, while $200 comes with a $30 discount. Such deals, especially during these economic recession times, can save you cash for the extra dab.

Using and Maintaining Your Honey Knife

Getting started with the Honey Knife is as easy. Here is a usage and maintenance overview to show you what you should expect:

  1. Power up: Five quick clicks turn on the dab tool, and another five clicks power it down.
  2. Scooping concentrates: The ceramic tip can help you easily fetch your dab. Once you power on, the dab will settle in without any assistance.
  3. Set the temperature: Three quick clicks cycle through the four voltage settings indicated by the handy diamond light (Green: 2.7v, Blue: 3.2v, Yellow: 3.7v, Red: 4.2v). You can choose the setting that best suits your concentrates.
  4. Heating options: The Honey Knife offers two heating methods for your convenience. You can press and hold the button for hands-on heating or double-click for hands-free automatic heating.
  5. Cleaning: After the sessions, you only need to clean the ceramic part using cotton swabs. This is an electric tool, so it should be obvious not to immerse it in water when cleaning. Read the manual to learn the best cleaning and maintenance measures.
  6. Charging: The dab tool comes as a complete package, which includes the honey knife, the instructions, and a USB cable. So, whenever the battery needs a revamp, use the cable to charge it before the next session.

Get Your Honey Knife for an Elevated 420!

Make this 420 genuinely unforgettable with the Honey Knife! This is a dab tool that is portable, convenient and has parts that are compatible with other devices. There is more to that if you refer back to the why choose part.

So, don’t miss out – grab your Honey Knife today from the Waxmaid website and experience the future of dabbing.


The Honey Knife is more than just an electric dab tool – it’s a dab enthusiast’s future weapon. With its ultra-thin ceramic tip, precise temperature control, portability, and user-friendly design, the dabbing tool ensures clean, efficient, and enjoyable dabs every time.

Get your dabbing knife today at discounted prices and take advantage of the 420 deal to save some money.

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