How to make Vape juices at home?

Whenever you visit a shop or a website selling vaping-related products, You will find a wide variety of vape juices, flavored liquids or colorful fluids, cartridges, and many more options available for your vaping needs. Seeing so many options, you might feel confused about what to buy, which new flavor to try, and what would suit you. After going through so much research, there are times when you feel like instead of doing so much work on finding out what is good, you might as well make one for yourself. Also, when you compare the prices of these vape juices, you might feel that making vape juices at home wood would be a much cheaper way of enjoying them rather than spending so much on these readymade vape juices.

However, there are many reasons why people won’t make them at home. One of the most common reasons for people not trying it out is that they believe they won’t be able to make it at home. The second most given excuse for not trying it at home is their believing that the effectiveness and the potency of the vape juice they make at home will not be at par with the ones they buy at the shop. This is not true. We will let you know how to make vape juice at home so you can try it for yourself and save some dollars on it. So this way, when you visit a smoke shop expo next time, you will only look for vaping accessories and can use them to try out your homemade vape juices.

Here is a step-by-step procedure for making vape juice at home

Step 1: Get all your equipment together

For making vape juice at home, the most important equipment you need is the bottles, measuring containers, and syringes or pipettes that would help in adding the ingredients. The measuring containers will help take the proper measure of the fluid that is going to be mixed with the right amount of fluids together to ensure the right proportion of fluids are mixed and you get the correct vape juice. Any difference in measurements can lead to the juice not being as it should be, and the effectiveness may also vary based on the measurements taken. Another very important thing that you need is Gloves. It is always important to keep yourself safe and not let anything come in contact with your skin at the time of preparation. This way, you will also not be troubled, and the solution you’re creating will also not get polluted. The next thing you need is kitchen towels or an old piece of cloth to wipe off any extra spillage around the area. You need to keep the area where you are making the solution clean so that none of the ingredients react with the surroundings and damage anything.

Step 2: Put all the ingredients together.

The most important ingredients are PG and VG, Also known as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These are the basic fluids required for preparing vape juice. The profile in glycol is a thinner fluid as compared to the vegetable glycerine, which is a bit thicker, but the purpose of using both is different and important in creating the vape juice. The large clouds that you see while smoking are the result of the thick VG used. Some vapors consider making it out of 100% VG, but the presence of PG brings in the harsher kink that you feel while vaping. So mixing the two will just elevate the experience of vaping and give you a better vaping quality than some of the vape juices you buy from the shops. The next important ingredient that you need to think of is the flavor you need. You need to buy concentrate of the particular flavor you are planning to give your vape juice. It would be good if you chose a good brand when you are buying a concentrate for a flavor. Often, branded flavors might cost you less, but the taste or aroma might not last or will not give the result as expected. Hence, it is recommended that choosing a good brand would ensure the right flavors.

Step 3: Prepare the base mixture and add nicotine

You might find juice at any smoke shop trade show, But preparing it at your home has a different level of satisfaction. Take proper measurements of all the base ingredients of the vape juice. If you are in doubt, you can download a certain app available online that will guide you to the right measurements to add to make the mixture. Now, at the flavor concentrate, you have to add the taste you like. Then the mean part is the nicotine and the right amount of nicotine to the vape juice, and see how all of it comes together. When the mixture is prepared, bottle the juice to be able to use it whenever you want.

The conclusion

There are many places where you can get the vape juice of your choice. You can always select the one that you like, but preparing the vape juice at home and being a part of every step of preparation is a different kind of satisfaction. Also, it is a lot less expensive than buying from a shop.

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