Disposable Brand Review – Esco Bars

Esco Bars brand is aiming to make disposable vapes to be the simplest thing you’ll ever pick up to vape. No airflow control, refilling, recharging, or on/off switch. You take it, put the thin end in your mouth, and exhale. Recall breathing out. Here are what I find from Esco Bars disposable brand. These flavors […]

Pod System Giving You Weak Hits? Try These 5 Fixes

One of the biggest reasons why pod-based devices have become so popular within the vaping community is the fact that a pod system has the ability to deliver an extremely satisfying nicotine hit from a tiny package. Thanks to the advent of nicotine salt e-liquid – which provides a smooth vaping experience at any nicotine strength – a pod system can […]

Top 3 Weed Edible Brands That Make The Best Marijuana Gummies

The good news is that plenty of reputable businesses sell high-quality marijuana candies and sweets. For those seeking a delectable CBD edible or a tasty THC gummy, here are three brands to consider if you want to get high on the go. Of course, with various edible alternatives available for purchase at dispensaries worldwide, it […]

Marijuana and Your Immunity: All Questions Answered

How Does Marijuana Interact with Your Immune System? Does Marijuana Reduce Immunity? The Pros and Cons of Cannabis for the Immune System Scientific research on medical marijuana use is increasing, and patients are choosing cannabis as a natural alternative to prescription meds. Individuals with epilepsy, cancer, and HIV often take it—but does marijuana reduce immunity? […]

Review Of SMOK RPM 5 & RPM 5 Pro Pod Mod Kit

The vape market is surging upward day by day, and considering the popularity and craze in the people, different companies are launching their products back to back. Similarly, SMOK is a leading brand in the vape market that has recently added 2 new devices to its RPM 5 Pro and SMOK RPM 5 kit list.  The range […]

What Type Of Medical Vape Is Best Meant For You?

Are you new to exploring the world of prescription vaping devices? Then this blog is the perfect place to kickstart your journey. If you’re looking for more information about what device to purchase from the dispensary, this five-minute read will cover all the basics for a better-informed decision. E-Cigarettes: This is the First Generation of […]