Vaporesso PodStick Review

Vaporesso PodStick Review

Surprisingly, it’s not the first run through a pod vape that intends to drools each of its users, however, must have missed the mark till now. The Vaporesso PodStick is a pod vape comes in the state of a stick (subsequently the name), it has three power alternatives graciousness of the Omni Board Mini, and […]

smok rpm40 review

SMOK RPM40 Review – A New Pod in Town!

Undoubtedly, SMOK RPM40 pod has made people drool for it but another pod mod? However, I love a decent pod kit. Truth is stranger than fiction. A GOOD pod kit. Furthermore, with a huge abundance of Pod kits already flooding the vape world, it’s nice to see manufacturers are gradually making the correct changes to […]

4 Useful Tips How To Pick The Right E-Liquid

What Is Sweetened E-Liquid?

Aside from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine, sucralose might be the most common ingredient in e-liquid these days. Sucralose – sold in markets under the brand name Splenda – is one of the most potent and most popular artificial sweeteners in the world. Increasingly, it’s also an incredibly popular e-liquid additive. People love to […]

Benefits of Smoking Cannabis

Impressive Benefits of Smoking Cannabis

Contrary to what most people think, you’ll not turn unemployed or into a crazy psychopath for life just by puffing a bit of joint. The same rings true for weed and other forms of cannabis. The growing popularity of cannabis pays rich testimony to the fact that it has some surprising health benefits. This is […]

Humble Juice Co Review

The Best Natural Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors in the World

Transitioning from traditional combustible tobacco sticks to vaping can be a big step. According to studies, vaping is less harmful and gives you more control of the heat and cloud. The past few years have seen tremendous evolution of both vaporizers (vape pens) and e-liquid. You can try nuleaf cbd oil dosage for better results. […]

Augvape INTAKE Dual RTA review

Augvape INTAKE Dual RTA Review

The new Augvape INTAKE Dual has made debut in the world of vapes– a RTA that takes demonstrated plan ideas and calibrates them to a high sparkle. It’s not that impeccable but has its own class. This guide has everything you need to know about Augvape Intake RTA.  What’s inside Augvape INTAKE Dual RTA? 26mm […]

Best Hookah Pens

How to Use Push Button Vape Pens?

As the market for Cannabis rapidly expands, the opportunities for related industries such as for vape pens and mods are not too far away from witnessing a boom. Vaping caught popularity with cannabis usage. With more people interested in trying the plant, but in a somewhat safe way, vaping was the undeniable option laid out […]

best vape mods

How to Spot Counterfeit Vapes

The recent “public health crisis” surrounding vaporizers and e-cigarettes is something that has scared the public into targeting vaping as a whole and implementing laws and regulations that prevent its sale and use. Like any crisis, however, many people have been swayed by the hype rather than being given the information about exactly what is […]