Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

With the growing fame of CBD Oil, there have been improvements in the mode of consumption with developments such as vaping emerging. With the legalization, finding CBD Oil in Canada is easier than ever.  Most users prefer vaping to traditional smoking; a study shows that vaping is a healthier way of consuming cannabis as compared […]

How Much Does It Cost To Vape

How Much Does It Cost To Vape?

The vaping lifestyle is increasingly popular. Those who don’t vape often wonder how much it costs to get the freedom and flavor vaping allows. Let’s take a look at a few options and how they affect how much your clouds are running you. Setting Some Expectations Let’s face it, there is no single, set cost […]

Juul E-Cigarettes and Youth

Juul E-Cigarettes and Youth: What You Need To Know

Have you noticed the youth around you getting more and more inclined towards vaping? If we go by statistics, high school vapers have risen by 135% from the year 2017 to 2019. While the numbers sure are increasing, the size of the vape devices is decreasing. The traditional e-cigarettes are becoming a thing of the […]