Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

With the growing fame of CBD Oil, there have been improvements in the mode of consumption with developments such as vaping emerging. With the legalization, finding CBD Oil in Canada is easier than ever.  Most users prefer vaping to traditional smoking; a study shows that vaping is a healthier way of consuming cannabis as compared […]

Juul E-Cigarettes and Youth

Juul E-Cigarettes and Youth: What You Need To Know

Have you noticed the youth around you getting more and more inclined towards vaping? If we go by statistics, high school vapers have risen by 135% from the year 2017 to 2019. While the numbers sure are increasing, the size of the vape devices is decreasing. The traditional e-cigarettes are becoming a thing of the […]

4 Useful Tips How To Pick The Right E-Liquid

What Is Sweetened E-Liquid?

Aside from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine, sucralose might be the most common ingredient in e-liquid these days. Sucralose – sold in markets under the brand name Splenda – is one of the most potent and most popular artificial sweeteners in the world. Increasingly, it’s also an incredibly popular e-liquid additive. People love to […]

Humble Juice Co Review

The Best Natural Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors in the World

Transitioning from traditional combustible tobacco sticks to vaping can be a big step. According to studies, vaping is less harmful and gives you more control of the heat and cloud. The past few years have seen tremendous evolution of both vaporizers (vape pens) and e-liquid. You can try nuleaf cbd oil dosage for better results. […]

Full Guide to Vape Juice

Full Guide to Vape Juice

Here is our full complete guide to vape juice where you’ll find all the information about vape juice and the flavors, nicotine levels, and other important information about eliquids. Vape Juice is the most prominent part of vaping, as it’s the most purchased product in vaping, and it’s also one of the most advanced vaping […]

Conduction vs Convection Vaporizing

Let’s Discuss Conduction vs Convection Vaporizing

Convection and conduction are two methods of heating and enjoying herbs, waxes, and liquids. In this article we will discuss the differences between conduction and convection vaporizing, and the pros and cons associated with both What is Conduction Vaporizing? Conduction vaporizing occurs when heat is transferred through direct contact. In other words, conduction vaping is […]

vaping apps

Check Out Top 5 Vaping Apps

What Are Vaping Apps? – With exploded popularity of vaping industry, do they seek help for a vaper to optimize your settings or create a taste? Well, several vaping apps appeared to offer you help. With so many applications, which Vape tool you should choose? Let’s talk about it!

Top 5 Vaping Apps

vaping appsVape Tool

There are many spool (coil) calculators around nowadays, but none seems to offer what this Vape tool does. This application can tell the strength of a coil, or how to make your own e-liquid. In addition, you can estimate the execution time of your mod with a battery life in the calculator. There is a calculator that computes:

  • Ohm’s law
  • Voltage Power
  • Resistance
  • Current

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vaping appsVape

If you need a smart application to keep track of almost anything regarding Vape, then you should take a look at this application. Will you spend on some things more? You can track your app purchases, or if you need useful statistics about how much money you have saved, you can also do it. Another nice feature is that you can unlock achievements in several steps.

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vaping appsE-Liquid Recipes

If you love to make your e-liquid on your own, then this application is very handy for you. This application contains a recipe database from which you can create e-liquids for yourself. You can also share your recipes with friends, comment, rank and even your favorite designer.

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vaping appsOhm’s Law

Ohm’s law is something that all vapers must understand, and for someone who builds their own coil. With Ohm’s law, you can calculate what you need with some basic mathematical skills.

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vaping appsVape Boss

Vape boss might very well be your go-to app. If you are looking for a platform for social media vaping, it is for you. It also has a great amount of information about vaping with a search engine to find what you need.

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