How to Replace a Vape Coil the Right Way?

Vape Coils Last Longer

Replacing a coil in your vape tank or pod system is something that you can do quickly or mindfully; it’s really up to you. Either way, your vaping setup is likely to work without giving you a major problem. Like so many other aspects of vaping, though, you’re going to have an even better experience if you take the time to replace your vape coils the right way. Replacing a vape coil carefully and mindfully means that you’ll get better flavor, and your coils will last longer. The end result is that you’ll have a more enjoyable vaping experience – and you’ll spend less money.

So, how do you replace a vape coil the right way? Let’s dig in.

When Is It Time to Replace a Vape Coil?

To know when it’s time to replace your vape coil, all that you need to do is trust your sense of taste. A new coil tastes great and allows you to enjoy the full range of flavor notes in your favorite e-liquid. Within a few days, though, the flavor begins to change. The changes begin with an overwhelming sweetness that begins to creep in, covering the subtle notes in your e-liquid and making those notes difficult to taste. At first, the change in flavor may not be much of a problem for you. Over time, though, the change becomes more pronounced, and your e-liquid starts to taste a bit like overcooked caramel.

At that point, you’ll probably find the flavor unpleasant enough that you’ll want to replace your coil. If you continue to push the coil past that point, things only become worse. Eventually, the burned taste gets so severe that you’ll start to feel irritation in your throat when you vape. At that point, you really have no choice but to replace your coil.

How to Prepare a New Vape Coil for Use

Out of the box, a new vape coil will often have some manufacturing residue that might include compounds such as mineral oil for lubricating the machines and finishing chemicals to help the organic cotton lie flat. You may have heard people talk before about the process of breaking in a new vape coil. You can get a pretty good flavor from a new coil out of the box, but you won’t start to get the best possible flavor after you’ve drained a tank or two with that coil. That’s because you’re effectively using your e-liquid to wash the manufacturing residue off of the coil.

If you want to get the best possible flavor out of a new coil from the very first time you use it, there’s a very simple solution: You should wash the coil in water before you install it. Swish the coil in hot water periodically for a half hour or so. When you’re done, leave the coil out for a day to dry. After that, it’s ready to install – and if you don’t want to go through the work of pre-cleaning a new coil, there’s a device that can do it for you. ROBO2020 is an automatic vape coil cleaner that cleans and dries your coils in about 30 minutes. The primary purpose of ROBO2020 is to clean your gunky coils and allow you to use them again, but you’ll find that it can also be a game changer when you use it to pre-clean your new coils. With practically zero effort, ROBO2020 makes it possible to get the absolute best flavor from a new coil the very first time you use it.

How to Prime a New Vape Coil

So, it’s time to replace your vape coil. Hopefully, at this point, you have a new coil that’s pre-cleaned, dried and ready to use. Before you install the coil, you want to prepare it for use by priming the wick. Priming a vape coil means getting the wick wet with e-liquid before installing it. Since the wick is already wet when you install the coil, it’s more receptive to liquid. Priming the wick helps you avoid dry pockets that can lead to burned cotton. A burned wick ruins a coil’s flavor instantly, and unless you’re handy enough to disassemble the coil and replace the cotton – a process that’s quite difficult with today’s complex coil designs – there’s no fix for a burned wick.

To prime a new coil, use the nozzle of a bottle of e-liquid to “paint” the wick with vape juice. Rub a bit of e-liquid into the wick openings on the sides of the coil and put some vape juice through the top of the coil as well. When you’re done, the entire wick should look damp.

How to Remove and Replace a Vape Coil

At this point, your new coil is primed and ready for use. It’s time to install it. Remove the tank from your vaping device and unscrew the tank’s metal base. Depending on the design of the tank, you’ll see the old coil connected to the tank’s base or pushed into the tank’s main chimney. If the coil is in the tank’s chimney, pull it straight out. If it’s connected to the tank’s base, unscrew it. Discard the old coil.

Now, you can install the new coil. If you uninstalled your previous coil by taking it out of the tank’s center air channel, install the new coil by pushing it into the chimney. If you uninstalled your previous coil by twisting it out of the tank’s base, twist the new coil into the base. The new coil should be twisted fully into the base, but don’t over-tighten it because that can warp the silicone gasket that helps to keep e-liquid from leaking out of the tank.

After installing the new coil, you can reassemble and fill your tank – but don’t start using the coil right away. Although you’ve primed the wick, the cotton still isn’t completely saturated with e-liquid yet. After filling the tank, wait at least 10 minutes before you begin vaping. At that point, you can be completely certain that the wick is totally wet and that you won’t burn it.

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