Geekvape Z50 50W Mod Review

The Geekvape Z50 Mod is one that combines beauty, luxury, and power in making the vaping experience second to none. It is fashioned after the ancient Greek Acropolis of Athens, featuring a well-crafted metallic body and splendid decors. It is quite appropriate for novice and expert vapers, given its ease in operation. This efficient vape […]

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review

The vaping world has indeed experienced quite a tremendous technological advancement and one of such novel developments is the Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC Mod. It is one of GeekVape’s new releases and it shows the new manufacturing direction in design and cool features. One of its great features is the internal and dual-cell 3700mAh battery […]

Augvape VTEC 1.8 Mod review

Augvape VTEC 1.8 Mod Review

The new Augvape VTEC 1.8 mod is a move up to the colossally famous V200 gadget intended to resemble and as a tribute to, the exclusive and elite Honda B VTEC motor. It’s roused by the Iconic High-Performance Honda B VTEC Engine – Have the Upgrades Given It A Bit More Oomph? I’ve had the […]

Augvape Mass Mods S2 Squonk Review

Augvape Mass Mods S2 Squonk Review

The new S2 mechanical ‘style’ squonk mod is a coordinated effort among Augvape and top of the line squonking group Mass Mods. Mass Mods hail from California USA and have discharged two or three gadgets, specifically the CS1 mechanical squonker and the UA1 unregulated parallel mod – both around the $200 mark – just as […]

Guide to The Lost Vape Orion Mod

The Complete Guide to The Lost Vape Orion Mod

The complete guide to the Lost Vape Orion, a all-in-one vapor pod system that happens to be the first vape pod utilizing an Evolv DNA Chipset. The device is super compact, very portable, extremely convenient, yet it’s packed with the industry’s latest tech. As a result of its popularity, we’ve felt that it was a […]

Augvape Druga Foxy Review

Augvape Druga Foxy Review

Augvape is the Druga Foxy, a double 18650 battery, variable wattage/voltage box mod that will fire at up to 150W. This is a mod that I’ve needed to get my hands on for various reasons, with looks being one of them. The feel of the Druga Foxy is perfect and present day looking, with delicate […]

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Review

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Mod 230W TC Review

Made up of zinc, alloy, and plastic, SIgelei Kaos Skycar Mod 230W TC is lightweight and has a glossy design. It has graceful angles and sharp slants. The LED strip lines in it can be altered, which makes it have an ultramodern look. One of the best things about this mod is its captivating design. […]

AUGVAPE V200 Mod Review

Augvape V200 Mod Review

Augvape is best known for its tanks, RDA and RTA, and I had the pleasure of seeing Merlin RDTA and Druga RDA, which I liked very much, while Mike Murphy looked at Merlin Mini RTA. It is rare for Augvape to enter the scene in the mod. In the past, they introduced them to the […]