The Complete Guide to The Lost Vape Orion Mod

The complete guide to the Lost Vape Orion, a all-in-one vapor pod system that happens to be the first vape pod utilizing an Evolv DNA Chipset. The device is super compact, very portable, extremely convenient, yet it’s packed with the industry’s latest tech. As a result of its popularity, we’ve felt that it was a must to use the Lost Vape Orion as our next guide and we’re hoping it will help many of you learn how to use the device more efficiently for the best vaping experience possible. If you need help with your Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod and want to learn the ins-and-outs of its infrastructure, then this article will serve as an online Lost Vape Orion user manual.

The Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod

Established in 2014, Rocky Guo founded Lost Vape, a new vapor products brand that was set out to offer unique vaping equipment. Setting out to be different from others in the market, Lost Vape originally developed the Lost Vape Tan Box Mod, which was constructed out of ebony wood and utilized a high-end YiHi chipset. It continued to raise the bar by releasing the Tan V2, the Esquare 40, Epetite 40, and Efusion 200. It really began showing off its manufacturing capabilities when it developed the Halcyon, Therion, SKAR, and Triade mod’s. These were all incredible leaps into the world of high-end mods and consumers ate it up. Its latest and greatest development is its first entry into the pod-based market, and you can expect the same high-end quality found in its predecessors.

The Lost Vape Orion was introduced earlier this year in 2018, taking advantage of the rapid growth in vapor pod systems. To continue its incredible quality and high-performance capabilities, the same treatment was poured into the Lost Vape Orion. While other manufacturers flooded the market with vape pods and even copying one another, Lost Vape took the time to create a revolutionary device that is innovative, brilliantly designed, and features fascinating quality.

About The Lost Vape Orion

Bursting onto the market with a superior stainless steel construction, you’ll find that the Lost Vape Orion is certainly impressive when it comes to quality. It offers several finish options when it comes to its frame, including Stainless, Black, Blue, and Gold. Its front and back panel have inlays that feature different designs, including Carbon Fiber, Gold Abalone, and Ocean Scallop to really enhance its outer beauty. From the outside, you’ll notice a locking lever to release its pod, a round firing button, a small LED light indicator, and an adjustment button. Towards its bottom base, there is also a hidden micro-USB port.

The Lost Vape Orion’s internals is where all the magic happens, and it starts with the Evolv DNA Go 40W Chipset. The chip allows for a maximum power output of 40W, it features a 3-step variable wattage control and comes equipped with Evolv’s latest Replay functionality. Built into the device, there is a full protection suite and the micro-USB port allows for charging, future firmware upgrades, and has compatibility with Evolv’s Escribe software that will allow you to make various changes to really fine-tune your experience. To power it all, the Orion device comes with an integrated 950mAh rechargeable battery that can deliver up to 450 puffs per charge.

About The Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pod Cartridge

Constructed from a polycarbonate material, you’ll find that the quality is just as impressive with the actual pod cartridge. The Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pod Cartridge is a brilliantly crafted pod, featuring incredible quality by using stainless steel parts and a gold-plated connection. It offers a large 2ML e-liquid capacity with a sight window to view the current e-liquid level. It also has a Delrin drip tip at the top, which includes dual adjustable airflow control at its base. What’s most impressive about the Orion Replacement Pod Cartridge is the coils that it uses. There are two optional Orion Pod’s, one that is a 0.25-ohm SS316L Vapor-Focused Pod, and the other being a 0.5-ohm SS316L Flavor-Focused Pod.

What’s Included With The Lost Vape Orion

As with most device’s, you would expect a kit to include all the necessary equipment to begin vaping, but that isn’t the case with the Orion. In fact, upon purchasing the Orion, you’ll also need to purchase the Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pod Cartridges as well. No one is quite certain why the pods weren’t included with the device, but that will all be forgotten when you explore the marvelous experience this device and pod offers.

The Lost Vape Orion Kit includes the Lost Vape Orion Vapor Pod System, a Lost Vape Orion lanyard, a USB cable, and a small instruction manual that will help you get started using the device.

  • 1 x Lost Vape Orion Vapor Pod System (without pod)
  • 1 x Lost Vape Orion Lanyard
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Where To Buy The Lost Vape Orion

With its popularity growing immensely, you can find this spectacular device near about anywhere at this time. However, we strongly urge you to do your online shopping with West Coast Vape Supply. We’ve had the privilege of working with “WCVS” for quite a while and they have a knowledgeable staff, incredible customer service, an online store that’s stocked to the brim with the latest products, and the overall shopping experience exceeds all expectations. If you want to get the new Lost Vape Orion Pod System or the Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pod Cartridge, then look no further than West Coast Vape Supply. If you need regular e-liquids or salt nicotine e-liquid to go along with your purchase of the Orion, WCVS has a full range of the industry’s best e-liquid products, boasting the most delicious flavors and the industry’s leading brands.

Lost Vape Orion Operation

Now that you’re familiar with the Lost Vape Orion, its features, what’s included with it, and where you buy it, now it’s time to show you how to use it and the many features you can take advantage of that comes jam-packed inside its stainless steel casing. Use this guide an operating user manual for the Lost Vape Orion Vape Pod and be sure to share and recommend it on your social accounts to help your friends and family.

Basic Orion Operation

How To Identify The Pod Resistance: There are two types of pods that are available for purchase, separately from the Lost Vape Orion. Each pod is designed for either an enhanced flavor output or vapor output, and each has a different resistance. The Vapor Pod is 0.25-ohm and the Flavor Pod is 0.5-ohm. To identify the pod resistance, turn the pod upside down and to the left of the contacts you will see the Lost Vape name and below it will have the resistance printed. (SS 0.25Ω / SS 0.5Ω)

How To Insert The Pod: To insert the pod into the device, you’ll first want to line the contacts on the pod with the contacts on the device. With the contacts touching one another and the end where the contacts are touching first, you can press down on the opposite end until the pod snaps into place.

How To Remove The Pod: To remove the pod, simply pull down the locking lever on the side of the device, then pull up on the pod to release it from the device.

How To Fill The Pod With E-Liquid: To fill the pod with e-liquid, unscrew the top refill cap, set it to the side, pour your e-liquid into the pod, then screw the cap back on. Allow the e-liquid to sit for a few minutes to saturate the cotton before use.

How To Access The Micro-USB Port: The micro-USB port is hidden at the bottom of the device. You will first need to locate the USB cap, then pull it back to access to the USB port. You can use the micro-USB port to charge, upgrade firmware, use with Escribe, or to vape while charging.

Main Orion Operation

How To LOCK/UNLOCK The Device: To lock or unlock the Lost Vape Orion, you’ll want to press the round fire button down 5 times within 2 seconds.

How To Check The Current Battery Level: There is an LED light indicator above the adjustment button that will allow you to see the current battery level on the device. To check the current battery level, press the fire button 2 times within 1 second.

95-100% Battery Life (Blue Light)
70-95% Battery Life (Green Light)
30-70% Battery Life (Yellow Light)
15-30% Battery Life (Red Light)
0-15% Battery Life (Red Light Blinking – Device Will Shut Off)

How To Adjust The Power Level (Wattage): The Lost Vape Orion features variable wattage control, which can be adjusted in three steps. To adjust the power level or wattage, press the adjustment button 1 time to select and switch to a new power level.

  • Low (White)
  • Medium (Blue)
  • High (Red)

How To Use The Replay Mode: The Replay mode is a new feature used in Evolv chipsets that allows you to replay a satisfying puff. When you take a draw/puff and it is satisfying, hold the adjustment button for 3 seconds to turn the indicator light green. When the indicator displays green, the Replay mode is activated and will remain green when firing to let you know that it’s replaying your puff. To disable the Replay mode, simply hold down the adjustment button once again for 3 seconds and the device will go back to normal operation.

How To Adjust The Airflow: The Delrin drip tip integrated onto the pod has an airflow control feature that allows you to fine-tune the airflow, allowing you to find a balance between both flavor and vapor. To adjust the dual airflow control, simply twist the airflow control ring to your preferred airflow setting.


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