SMOK RPM40 Review – A New Pod in Town!

Undoubtedly, SMOK RPM40 pod has made people drool for it but another pod mod? However, I love a decent pod kit. Truth is stranger than fiction. A GOOD pod kit. Furthermore, with a huge abundance of Pod kits already flooding the vape world, it’s nice to see manufacturers are gradually making the correct changes to these kits. What’s more, the rise of the pod has arrived.

Typically featuring the alternative of both a Direct-To-Lung and Mouth-To Lung vape, alongside replaceable coils and a refillable tank – a pod system seems to be the perfect starter kit. Especially considering they are generally simple to use and conveniently little, it’s clear to see why they are on the rise.

Expectations from the RPM40 by Smok

Best known for their cloud throwing Sub-Ohm Tanks and fancy Dual battery mods like the excellent SMOK Morph, Smok has come up with the RPM40 kit. A kit that comes with 2 different refillable pods which can house the push-fit RPM coils in one pod or their Nord coils in the other. I haven’t had the chance to review the Nord Pod System, however the one and just Kevin Jeffrey rated the Nord extremely exceptionally in his review back in February.

Alongside such lovely stuff, you additionally get the capacity to alter your wattage, a full splendid shading screen and the alternative of changing the shade of the display.

What’s inside the packaging?

 -Smok RPM40 Device

-RPM Standard 4.3ml Pod

 -RPM Nord 4.5ml Pod  

-USB Cable

-User Manual

Smok RPM40: Features

Size 25 x 25 x 99mm
Weight 99g
Battery Internal 1500mAh
E-Liquid Capacity 4.3ml w/RPM Pod – 4.5ml w/Nord Pod
Output Wattage 1-40w
Suitable Resistance 0.2ω-2.5ω
Screen Full TFT 0.96in Color Display
Charging Via Micro USB
Colour Options Black, Chrome, Purple, Gold, Rainbow, White, Orange, and Green

Architecture: Is it Top-Notch?

Standing just 10cm tall, this cubed shaped Pod kit looks genuinely strong and I’m really impressed with the different shading styles. Being a Smok item, I was expecting a genuinely cheap-feeling plastic; however I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it’s fabricating quality. With the front of device I’m quite impressed with the design. In general, most Pods have a little tank however this beast has over a 4ml limit in both the RMP and Nord varieties. 2ml pods will, of course, be available for TPD regulated countries.

How does it feel in the Hand?

For something so little, it carries quite a touch of baggage, especially once you load it up with e-fluid. However, its got that nice solid feel that I really enjoy. For something so minimal and portable it’s additionally massive and extreme feeling – which is something that really isn’t easy to achieve in the present Pod market. Regardless of whether you thumb or finger fire this device it’s comfortable to operate. The edges are nicely rounded off making it comfortable to hold and it’s short enough that you can bolster the base with your pinkie. Further to this, the fire catch is perfectly placed and has left smok with enough space to fit a nice enormous shading of the pod system without pod

SMOK RPM40 |The Pods

The pod(s) are removable just by hauling them out of the device, and they press once again in to the device with ease. On each pod is a silicon/rubber plug that opens up like an entryway for loading up with e-fluid. On top is a wide mouthpiece which is very comfortable however not removable. Removing/replacing the coils is super easy gratitude to the push-fit system that relies on a tight seal to prevent any leaking – however during my testing I’ve had no issues with leaks or flooding of any kind.base of the replaceable pods. This kit came with the 0.4ω RPM Mesh coil yet there is likewise a 0.6ω Triple Mesh, a 1.2ω Quartz and an RPM SC coil reading 1.0ω – There’s additional news of an RBA deck which is currently not available but rather will enable you to assemble and fit your very own coil. Impressive.0.4ω RPM Mesh coil for RPM40.With the 2 coils supplied, it’s definitely not capable of a Mouth-To-Lung vape. The two pods deliver a very breezy Direct-To-Lung vape, which you can restrict, however just by plugging one of the 2 wind current openings with your fingers, which quite honestly is hard to do while vaping.

How to Juice-up the SMOK RPM40 Pod?

To fill the pod with e-fluid you right off the bat remove the pod from the battery part of the device, then:

  1. Lift open the rubber plug
  2. Load up with the desired e-fluid
  3. Close the rubber plug and re-fit into the device

Once you fit the pod once more into the device, the device will display ‘POD ATTACHED’ and you’re ready to go. Give it 5 or 10 minutes however to permit your vape juice to drench into the coil.

The way, it displays…

The RPM has an excellent clear screen for a minor device. The full shading 0.96in screen is nicely positioned and is easy to read, even in sunlight conditions. Yes, it might be a little for those who struggle with their vision – But the text on screen is sharp and brilliant. On the home display you will see your battery life, current wattage setting, puff time, resistance of your coil, Voltage and Puff-Count. To change the wattage, the 2 fastens below the screen will modify the wattage from 1w, up to 40watts in 1watt increments, with no round-robin alternative. At the base of the display are a number of coloured squares which indicate what shading the accents on the display are, which can be selected by fast pressing the fire button, and the PLUS catch at the same time. Three snaps of the fire button will bolt the device, and pressing the fire button and MINUS will reset your puff counter.

That’s to the extent the Display and capacities go – Nice, simple and easy to operate even for newer vapers.

How it all works?

I’ve gone to town with these pods to test their diversity and furthermore how well they manage different e-liquids on the same coils, which is something I generally attempt to keep away from. Generally speaking, the two Pods perform very well and I experienced no dry hits or absence of flavour. Even at higher than recommended wattage, I really can’t blame either coil for their toughness and they both wick relentlessly meaning you can chain vape on the device, even at Max wattage. Very impressive for a minor pod mod.

How much Savour-ish is SMOK RPM40 Pod

At around 35w, which is 10w more than recommended, I was surprised by the vapour creation from the start, and after that the flavour which comes behind it is very great moreover. Of course vaping at 35w may hinder your battery life, however I’m not going to gripe when a little device like this is delivering a flavour-filled vape and a shockingly dense cloud for sure.

Nord Pod with 0.6ω Coil

I really enjoyed this pod at the 25w imprint which is 5w higher than recommended. I think maybe Smok have underestimated the performance of these coils, or maybe 20w recommended is simply to attempt to stretch the longevity of the coils. It 25w I get great flavour and a decent little cloud from the 0.6ω Nord coil. Not quite as full-season as the RPM coil, yet at the same time impressive and I can see why people are enjoying the Nord Pod System so much.RPM coil choices


With 2 large wind stream spaces on either side of the device, unmistakably the wind stream is really dictated by the coil you introduce into the pod. Along these lines, unfortunately, I can’t really comment on how this device would perform with a more MTL based coil – However, with the 2 coils I’ve been testing, the wind current is marginally restrictive, yet about where I like it. The side view of pod system there isn’t any whistle or turbulence and the wind stream isn’t boisterous either. A pleasant vape all around.

Battery Life

A 1500mAh internal battery is impressive for a little cube-shaped pod. Does it nearly seem like they’ve quite recently snuck a single 18650 battery in there? If you happen to be utilizing the 0.4ω coil, you’ll likely realize the battery may not make it through an entire day. However, with a 2hr charge time, and Pass-Through charging too – I question you’ll have numerous concerns charging the RMP40.

Pros Cons
Really nicely fabricated Manual AIR current adjustment could be better
Huge e-fluid limit doesn’t include an RBA deck
Splendid Display  
Great battery life at around 25w  
Great flavour from the two Coils  
Extremely portable and comfortable  

Wrap up

Literally, I can’t find negatives for the SMOK RPM40. I suppose my one issue currently is that I haven’t been able to test this system with a nice MTL coil to see how it performs in that style. It’s easy to slap a label on a container and call it ‘The Real Pod Mod’ however in practice, what I’ve experienced with this ‘Pod Mod’ is a Direct to Lung (DTL) Pod system with the reward of having an a lot larger pod limit than expected, a shading screen, adjustable wattage and marginally better battery performance.

There are a number of features that I see when evaluating a device, and for something to score exceptionally, it needs to meet certain demands. ‘Would this device be durable and still work 3, 6 or even a year from now?’ This is the best fabricated Smok device I’ve ever had the privilege of testing. Its firmly worked start to finish and the reality you get 2 different pods means your alternatives are practically endless.

The 1500mAh battery is more than sufficient and even a half year down the line, regardless it’ll be conveying a decent charge to get you as the day progressed Does this device deliver the flavour, vapor and general experience I require, so as to be enjoyed?

For a conservative device, the DTL experience from this device is very impressive. What’s more, it packs some flavour for sure. I’ve altogether enjoyed vaping on both the Nord and the RPM Pod – however, on the off chance that I needed to choose – I’d adhere to the RPM coil.

Is this device versatile to suit a new vaper and an experienced one alike?

As I’ve said earlier in this review – it really is a shame Smok doesn’t include an MTL coil as this is 100% an excellent starter kit for someone new to vaping.

Yet, regardless of your reason to purchase the RPM kit, you will really be impressed by its performance and fabricate quality. What’s more, with a Rebuild-able Pod (RBA) coming soon, this device may well discover its way into a great deal of vapers pockets.

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