Augvape VX 200 Kit Review

Vape kits with an expendable tank appear to be a thing nowadays and the Augvape VX200 pack has run down that course with the kit sent out with not one but rather three disposable Jewel sub ohm tanks. Augvape are known for creating some great vape gadgets and in case I’m straightforward are IMHO one of the better producers out there. I’ve had the delight of investigating a significant number of their items with all accepting really positive surveys from me.

How about we take a gander at the room first – the expendable tank. Not a major aficionado of this entire thought whether I’m straightforward and not simply with this Augvape set-up. I’m no eco warrior using any and all means anyway as should be obvious from my article on 10ml vape bottles ‘gagging the planet’ I like numerous others do stress over this disposable culture we live in.

VX200 Mod

With respect to how the Jewel tanks vape we’ll get to later. The mod is light as the notorious plume and I mean light – tipping the scales at only 65 grams or somewhat more than 2 ounces in genuine cash. Presently trust me that is light even with the 2x 18650 batteries and a completely filled tank to finish everything. It’s a 1.3 inch shading screen that can be altered and the menu is effectively explored with a lot of choices including the four power modes: variable wattage – variable voltage – sidestep and temperature control. The mod can hit up to 200 watts and instead of a flame catch the Augvape VX200 highlights an Alienesque style fire bar. Augvape says they’ve removed the measure of wires inside the mod saying this velocities up flame time and the firmware will be upgradeable.

The kits weight originates from it being fabricated completely out of plastic – tank and mod. In photographs the mod looks very solid – anyway in the hand and when being used tragically it feels might I venture to state shaky. Press that fire bar excessively hard and you really feel like you’re going to squash it! Look I’m no strongman anyway the initial couple of times I held the mod it sincerely felt like a touch more weight may have split it – so be delicate! There’s no shake from the battery entryway – anyway by and by when terminating you do feel a slight development that intuitively influences you to decrease your hold. It’s the equivalent with the screen – weight from the normal state of your palm pushes the front in again making you incredibly careful.

While I haven’t dropped this yet I do fear it will break effectively – like I said solid this isn’t. Structure astute I totally love this mod. Its spotless exquisite lines and I cherish the Augvape logo punched into the side – extremely tasteful to be sure. Trust me you can’t blame the VX200 in the looks office and had this been made out of some sort of combination or sturdier plastic – it would be one of the main I go after.

Jewel Tank

The plastic feels somewhat harder and given its jewel style plan it might take a couple of thumps. The silicon bung will be precarious to open for those of you without nails anyway I had no such issues. Augvape has endeavored to make the bung indistinguishable shading from the tank – anyway it is anything but an ideal match and in this way emerges a little – sufficiently only to trigger my slight OCD how about we put it that way! Structure insightful I truly don’t care for the appearance of this one by any stretch of the imagination – particularly over the mod. Where the mod is spotless and smooth the tank as should be obvious is precise. This indeed triggers my slight OCD and while the selection of hues is something to be thankful for – separated from the dark [which I don’t have] none appear to coordinate the mod IMHO.

Underneath that plastic shell lies somewhat of a monster of a mod. I’m expecting the chip is straight out of the first Augvape VX200 mod [with temperature control added]. I can’t look at the two as the one I checked on is presently with our Michelle. The menu is a flat out joy – anyway I found the screen somewhat dimmer than I may have loved and the composition for these drained old eyes at any rate is fairly little. There are simply enough alternatives to keep the vapers who like to tinker glad anyway you should be brisk with your determinations as it bounces back to the fundamental screen as quick as it fires!

It has taken all the RDAs and RTAs I’ve flown on top with the chip not overlooking anything ablaze time and while I can’t precisely quantify in the event that it hits 200w – experience discloses to me it might fall somewhat short… as do numerous double battery 200w mods. One thing I am awed with is the battery life. Vaping at a consistent 67w – mid scope of the prescribed dimension for the loop – I’m getting no less than multi day and a half now and again more.

With regards to the life span of the curls? The one’s I got have arrived at the midpoint of somewhere in the range of 7 and 9 days before waiting be swapped out… I can’t state that is a positive particularly as they’re work and are really mid-run control at 60 to 70w. The flame bar fires from about most of the way up and while sort of click it creaks alarmingly if indeed you hold or press excessively hard. Regarding to what extent it might last is impossible to say. I have attempted this is sidestep/voltage and temp control and found no issues… it is an extremely decent chip.

It’s a fixed kit with a best fill underneath that silicone bung. The fill port is a sensible size however a few 50ml short-fills I utilized saw the spout not exactly fitting. Wind stream is completely controllable with a pleasant confinement to it – set your ideal setting and it won’t move in your pocket. Be that as it may, it’s one of the noisiest tanks I’ve at any point utilized! Not exactly a plane taking off but rather close and that is completely open or shut off. Talking about wind current wide open you do get a flawless breezy vape and while not even close to an appropriate mouth to lung confinement it gives a tight lung hit – anyway I didn’t see any improvement in flavor.

You can find out more or buy a product at Augvape’s official website.

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