Rocvape Origo CVT Kit Review

Today we are going to make a review of brand new starter kit Origo CVT from Rocvape. The new Complete Vaping Tube technology makes the CVT completely different from other starter kits. It integrates the chip set, battery and tank into a whole, presenting incredible simplicity and solidity. It’s handy and with e-liquid anti-leaking system, so no worries, it can stay in your pocket as long as you want. So let’s take a deeper look what Rocvape has made.

Rocvape Origo CVT Kit Review

What’s in the kit?

  • Origo CVT kit
  • 2x coils
  • USB cable
  • User manual

First impression

Firstly we noticed that Origo CVT look really solid, quality and handy made kit from stainless steel. It’s just in time to sit nicely in your hand and fire button is just in place. But then, when we wanted to fill the e-juice and start the first vape we noticed something  it has innovative Complete Vaping Tube technology.

Innovative Complete Vaping Tube Technology

The innovative Complete Vaping Tube Technology allows all the components to be integrated into a unibody. No extra tanks or batteries are needed any more. So in simple words ’ I missed to screw coil on airflow controller (look similar to coil) and insert to Pyrex glass tank. So I almost started to vape without a coil. But after I realize what I missed I started the first vape.

rocvape origo cvt starter kit review

The First Vape

So I filled the e-liquid and waited for 5 minutes while the coil will soak with e-liquid. Then I pressed the fire button and fired it up to 18W (by default Origo CVT fire up to 18W). And I have to admit, in the beginning I was a little bit skeptical about Origo CVT kit. Why? – most often I don’t prefer starter kits as plenty of them are overpriced with weak performance and for smoking quitters they ruin vaping experience. But Origo CVT really surprised me – the vapor quality is really great and I got even some decent clouds by using e-juice from Vista Vapors (70/30 VG/PG). I would say, Origo CVT is in the same category with Eleaf iJust 2, but Origo CVT is more appropriate for beginners, as it doesn’t fire up to more than 18W and you will not get often dry hits.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Solid & quality Tank capacity
Affordable price Not so well known brand
Amazing vapor quality Coils can be purchased only from Rocvape website
Can help to quit smoking
Anti-leaking system

Long story short – Summary

The Origo CVT starter kit from Rocvape is just in time for vaping beginners or for those, you want to quit smoking by vaping. Origo CVT is solid, handy, quality and affordable. Origo CVT by default fire up to 18W and it has built-in 1600mAh battery. It might sound derisory, but with 18W and 1600mAh you should vape all day long without any doubts. I can’t mention, that higher tank capacity would be nicer, but this is a starter kit and Rocvape definitely wanted to pass EU regulations (<2ml) as they work not only in USA market, but also in UK.

I never thought that I will say so, but if you have to choose a starter kit, you are a beginner into vaping and you have to choose between Eleaf iJust 2 and Rocvape Origo CVT ’ go for Origo CVT – it will definitely not let you down.

GET Origo CVT from Rocvape

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