VaporFi Volt Tank Review

This time, we take a closer look at the Volt tank from VaporFi. Although this sub-ohm hybrid tank has been around for some time already, we have long wanted to get our hands on it, and thanks to VaporFi, who were kind to send us the Volt for review purposes, we now have this chance.

For those vapers who are not familiar with this tank yet, VaporFi created the Volt by contracting Kangertech, and it is an updated & improved version of the Kangertech Subtank Mini. Compared to the initial versions of the Subtank Mini, the Volt features minor aesthetic changes, as well as an improved RBA base and some other updates. Also, it is much more than just a rebranded product, as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, 90-day warranty, and even a free 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

VaporFi Volt Tank Review

What’s in the Kit?

  • 1 x VaporFi Volt tank
  • 1 x OCC 0.5ohm coil (rated at 15-60W)
  • 1 x OCC 1.5ohm coil (rated at 10-26W)
  • 1 x RBA deck
  • 2 x RBA 0.5ohm coils
  • 1 x sheet of Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 1 x Pyrex tube
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 2 x extra screws
  • 3 x extra o-rings
  • 1 x user manual

Features & Specifications

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E-Liquid Capacity:,4.5ml
Height:,70mm (with drip tip)
Material:,Stainless steel
Tank/Tube Material:,Pyrex glass
Wicking Material:,Japanese Organic Cotton
Drip Tip:,Standard 510
Average Price:,$60


First Impression

First Look

Apart from the bright green o-rings, the VaporFi Volt ’ including its packaging ’ looks almost exactly like the Kangertech Subtank Mini. The tank itself is a very solidly built device with a premium feel, featuring a stainless steel 510 drip tip. Also, the airflow adjustment ring on the Volt seemed to us a bit more “clickier” than the one on the Subtank Mini, and it always stays very firmly on the desired setting.

Unboxing the Volt is a pure pleasure, as you get a whole set of extras in the box ’ two different coils, an RBA base, a sheet of organic cotton, as well as a plethora of spare parts, including additional o-rings, screws and even a tiny screwdriver for the RBA base.


First Vape

The 0.5ohm OCC coil, rated at 15W-60W, provides plenty of vapor and exceptionally smooth, clear flavor. It doesn’t need any break-in time at all ’ just fill the tank with your favorite e-juice, let it soak in for a minute or two, and you’re good to go. We found our sweet spot to be at 35W-40W ’ at higher wattages the vapor simply gets a bit too warm to our liking. Not a single dry hit up to 60 watts.


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The more slow-paced 1.5ohm coil is a great choice for smoking style lung-to-mouth hits. The wattage recommended by VaporFi for this coil is 10W-26W, and we enjoyed it the best at the lower part of this range, at about 12W-15W to be specific. The flavor is almost as good as with the 0.5ohm coil, just that it produces less vapor which is also less warm.


The RBA deck is a great addition to this already well thought-out kit. It comes with 2 pre-wrapped 0.5ohm coils, one of which is pre-installed in the base. To bring it to life, all you need to do is cut a thin strip off the included cotton sheet, put it through the coil, and you’re set. Pretty straightforward, even for a beginner.

Also, the design of this RBA base is improved over the initial Kanger Subtank builds. The juice flow holes are wider, and both the top and bottom insulators are made of a different material.


What We Enjoyed About the VaporFi Volt Tank

Excellent flavor

Both of the Japanese Organic Cotton coils that come with the Volt tank perform just beautifully, especially flavor-wise. And although it can’t compete with some of the newest tanks, including the Uwell Rafale or the older Uwell Crown, which are both widely praised for producing excellent flavor, the best thing is that you don’t even need a powerful mod to enjoy the taste with this one ’ the 1.5ohm coil gives plenty of vaping satisfaction even at 12 watts.


The Volt gives you the freedom to chuck big clouds with the sub-ohm coil, enjoy some mouth-to-lung style hits with the 1.2ohm coil, as well as build your own coils on the RBA deck. With this tank, you get the complete package. The kit also comes with all kinds of accessories and extras, as well as a very thorough manual which covers everything you need to know about the Volt ’ even if you’re completely new to vaping. And with the 30ml of e-liquid which you receive for free when purchasing this tank, you’ll be set for satisfying cloud chasing for at least a week.


No leaks

As good as they are, some of the tanks of the Kangertech Subtank series are notorious for their leaking issues. VaporFi, however, seems to have successfully tackled this problem, as after a week of intensive use, testing out both the coils and the RBA as well, we didn’t have a single drop of e-liquid seeping out of the Volt.

Product support & extras

Although the price point of the VaporFi Volt is bit higher than the previously mentioned Subtank series from Kangertech, it is worth mentioning that VaporFi is an USA based company which provides something that your average vape product manufacturer doesn’t ’ a 30-day money back guarantee and a 90-day warranty. But that’s not all ’ when purchasing the VaporFi Volt tank, you also get a free 30ml bottle of e-juice.

What We Didn’t Enjoy About The VaporFi Volt Tank

When it comes to the negative side of this tank, there’s not really much for us to mention. During our almost two weeks of testing, the Volt performed flawlessly ’ no wicking issues, no leaking, only flavorful vapor with every hit. The only aspect why this tank might not be for everyone is its relatively high price point ’ but then again, the Volt is a high-end tank in a full-blown kit which comes with full product support and free e-juice of your choice.

Final Thoughts

The VaporFi Volt is not just a vape tank, it’s an all-inclusive deal. It comes with all the extras necessary for an excellent vaping experience, including 30-day money back guarantee, 90-day warranty, and even a free bottle of e-liquid, not to mention the two different coils and the RBA base. Apart from the price point which could seem a bit too much for some, there’s nothing to complain about: the visuals are stunning, the coils do their job without any hiccups, and there’s no leaking. Therefore the Volt is simply the perfect choice for those vapers who are looking for a well-built, reliable, well-documented and versatile sub-ohm tank.

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