5 of the Most Vape Friendly Cities in the US

While those of you who’ve done your research about vaping know that it’s way healthier for you than smoking (in fact 95% less harmful than smoking); not all of the rest of America has caught up yet. And while picking up and moving state may not be on your agenda right now; if you’re tired of all those disapproving looks in the park, in a bar, or in a bus queue, you might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few cities in the US that are not only not judgmental, but are darn right vape friendly. Here are five of the most vape friendly cities to enjoy your ejuice in peace.

The Most Vape Friendly Cities in the US

Tampa, FL

It may not be as sexy as Miami and there may be no South Beach to parade along as the sun goes down, but Tampa still exudes charm through its art deco architecture and more than 165 parks and beaches. And even better than that? Tampa is 100% vape friendly. In fact, you can vape in most restaurants indoors (or at least on their patios) and there are no State laws in place against doing so. You can even vape in the workplace and at malls, and buy your eliquid at the airport before you leave.

Seattle, WA

You may be surprised to hear that the home of cycling, hiking and adventure sports would be vape friendly, but Seattle has always prided itself on its defiant alternative cloture. You’ll have no problem vaping in indoor spaces and the only thing you’ll have to worry about vaping outdoors is the rain. The birthplace of Starbucks is also home to more than thirty restaurants and bars that welcome vaping and over fifty shops to get your vape supplies.

Denver, CO

With all that fresh air and fitness mindset, it might come as a surprise that Denver also tops the list of vape friendly cities. That doesn’t go for the whole of Colorado State however, where there are laws and bans on e-cigarettes in certain places, but Denver allows you to vape where you please; indoors or out. There are nearly 100 vape shops in Denver and a host of popular bars to get down and enjoy your vacation judgment free, from the Charlie’s Denver to Club Vinyl; no more hiding in the restroom for you.

Las Vegas, NV

Somehow the city of sin makes an obvious choice for a vape friendly place. In fact, your only problem here might be being bothered by regular smokers, as Las Vegas hasn’t made much effort to clamp down on traditional smoking. Make the most of your trip by vaping while you gamble, eat, drink, get on down in the night club, or walk along the strip. You can even use your e-cigarette inside the airport.

Virginia Beach, VA

While not everyone in Virginia Beach has hopped on the vape wagon, the state still has no bans in place on vaping indoors; although you may not be able to in every establishment you go to. However, there’s a good amount of restaurants and bars (around 15) that welcome e-cigarettes, including the Lucky Oyster. You can even grab supplies at over 10 different vape stores.

So, if a little bit of sun, fresh outdoors and a change of scenery isn’t enough to convince you that it’s time for a vacation, maybe knowing that you can get your tank out in peace without the watchful eye of the neighborhood may be reason enough.

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  1. Jack Edwards says:

    It is good to see that our community is growing more and more. More people are converted to vaping and various communities are constantly promoting the use of vaping to make the world a better place.

  2. Alexey says:

    Too bad NY isn’t on this list. Vaping regulations in the US are actually quite strict compared to countries like the UK or EU in general/

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