Why Will The E Cig Industry Flourish In 2018?

E-cigarettes have had an extremely successful 2017, with sales increasing by 29.9% in the first quarter of the year. In 2018, the figures are projected to grow by another whopping 10%! The market is thriving, and Hon Lik – the inventor of e-cigs – is certainly laughing his way to the bank.

Here’s why the e-cigarette industry has exciting possibilities in 2018:

People are health-conscious

Nowadays, people are more concerned about health and fitness than ever. Many smokers are looking to quit traditional cigarettes and reduce their tobacco intake. E-cigs play an integral role in this aspect as they not only offer a safer alternative but an array of choices in terms of accessories, vaping devices, and e-liquids. They impart a similar feel as in the case of a traditional cigarette but don’t cause damage like tobacco does. In fact, the tobacco industry is struggling to combat smoking bans, rising taxes, increased health awareness and an overall decline in smokers. It is being touted that electronic cigarettes could drastically shorten the shelf life of conventional tobacco products.

More exposure

Till some years back, very few people were aware of e-cigarettes – it was strictly a niche market. However, the scenario has changed drastically with UK and US markets performing exceptionally well due to widespread exposure of e-cigs. The product is trending in different industries and, with multiple other advances in technology that are expected, it is evident the e-cigarette market is about to flourish even more. Are you looking for buying new verity of electronic cigarettes online? VapingZone- Online Electronic Cigarettes Store is one of the leading supplier of original brands in USA.

Variety is a spice of life!

As mentioned, e-cigs offer owners a wide range of choices to take their pick from, especially when it comes to e-liquids. It isn’t just about the flavors available, but different types of ecig-liquids as well. Manufacturers need to stay competitive, so they are continually coming up with new ingredients to combine with existing products for creating unique tastes that consumers will love!

Level playing field

When it comes to tobacco, it was mostly the financial powerhouses dominating the market, but with regards to electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices, the situation is different. E-cig manufacturers are popping up on a global scale because advertising restrictions, in many ways have leveled the playing field across small, medium and large sized electronic cigarette companies. This way, consumers won’t have to deal with low-quality products as they are being pushed out, while premium grade merchandise becomes standard.

Sophisticated features

The vapor technology integrated into electronic cigarettes has improved in the last few months, which has contributed significantly to their popularity. With the competition of the market expected to rise further, it is only going to promote new features. 2018 provides a solid platform for these companies to launch a host of advanced features that will pique the interest in this product even more. While some introduce new features, others will start tinkering with the existing technology to see what others have missed.

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Thus 2018 holds promise and success for the e-cigarette industry thanks to better competition, advanced technology, improved features, and more excellent variety, to name a few!

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