Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W Review

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W is the smallest mod pod on the market and has the best performance in delivering flavor clouds. I even waited almost a month and ended up with LAAN, I was eager to try and check the performance of this exclusive electronic cigarette product. I chose brown except for black and white because of the possibility of the leather material being dyed for a long time. Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W is an all-in-one model and contains many basic parts, including a lid, a built-in sub-ohm tank and a metal sheath. The Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W was built on the outside of the well-defined metal tube and covered with high-quality leather.

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W Review

Features & Specifications

Features Specification
Appropriate for Android as well as iOS Shanlaan Brand
Button-free 40W maximum output power
Child-Lock System Capacity 2ml
Complete available system for the e-liquid or concentrate pre-refilling 1300mAh built-in battery capacity
Hidden pod
USB flip-up connector
Lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum
Infiltration of negative pressure
Poco-pin connection
High-quality leather
Sub-ohm coil
Upper airflow and upper filling

Kit content

Kit Content Colors Available
1 Laan Pod Kit (built-in 1300mAh battery) Black
2 backups White
1 USB cable Brown
1 user manual

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W review


Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W has updated some features and designs recently compared to other similar products in the pen pod market. This lightweight, portable kit features a low-pin/poco-pin connection, great airflow, and an excellent filing system. What surprises me is its foldable/flip-open USB port which is located at the bottom of the device. This kit includes a child safety lock and is completely button free. A small lamp is equipped to indicate the level of the battery. Shanlaan Laan is compatible with Android as well as an iOS system via Bluetooth connection. The “Lann” app can be downloaded to your phone to monitor and adjust the performance of this device, set the temperature or even activate the parental (child-lock) control system. It’s stylish and includes several key parts, including an:

  • A body capsule
  • A built-in sub-ohm tank
  • Upper part

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W review


The all-in-one frame is made of an aluminum alloy that reduces leather skin and mat with dermis. Two kinds of substances were affected with gorgeous texture along with the high priority observed favorable rate. In addition, I was surprised that this kit is completely decompressed. There is no button on the entire device, with the handier LED indicator that indicates that you are seeing work fame and battery alarm. To improve discrimination and make it portable, a small aircraft has been reduced to the opposite side of the display light. It should be noted that this portable and lightweight kit has a p.c. Plug connection, Pinakel air flow, Pinnacle filling device. It reset mode has a function to protect against possible malfunctions. There are two types of inhalation.

  1. Beginner

You will experience a taste similar to a cigarette to cover the airflow of the hole.

  1. Experienced Vaper

As an experienced vaper, you would like a big cloud when you inhale the intake of air directly.

Batter Performance

The tank has a juice capacity of 2 ml, enough for 100 to 150 puffs. And its superior filling system is not only very waterproof but also very convenient to fill.

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W review

Long story short- Summary

Since its introduction, the Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W device has become one of the most written devices on the vaping because it is the smallest pod currently available. The device not only avoids waste, but also provides an excellent and durable vaping experience with its built-in 1300mAh battery. The Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W, available exclusively for AVE40, has become one of the most optimized and easy-to-use pod mod on the market. This evaporator has quickly attracted global attention through its design and the way it reduces waste through the user’s help in getting every drop of e-liquid.

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