Augvape Druga Foxy Review

Augvape is the Druga Foxy, a double 18650 battery, variable wattage/voltage box mod that will fire at up to 150W. This is a mod that I’ve needed to get my hands on for various reasons, with looks being one of them. The feel of the Druga Foxy is perfect and present day looking, with delicate bends and adjusted edges. The gadget likewise has some exceptionally decent looking boards, which are removable and tradable too. However, the Druga Foxy has one component specifically that is extremely cool and fascinating: a fast discharge/introduce atomizer switch. This change enables you to rapidly evacuate or introduce your atomizer without having to completely fix or release the threading.

I was sufficiently fortunate to get my hands on the Druga Foxy, and in this review, I will go over all that you have to think about this gadget.

What’s inside the box?

In the box, there’s just  1 Augvape Druga Foxy Box Mod alongwith User Manual. That is it, quite straightforward. Since the Druga Foxy has no small-scale USB port, you don’t get a smaller scale USB link with the gadget.

Best features:

  • Brilliant Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage Modes
  • 5-150W Variable Wattage Range
  • 5-6.5V Variable Voltage Range
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.05ohm – 3.0ohm
  • 2mm x 5.2mm OLED Digital Display
  • Controlled by Dual, High-Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Shrouded Adjustment Button

Augvape Druga Foxy Functions:

The Druga Foxy is a double 18650 battery mod and is fueled by Augvape’s own in-house chipset. To switch on a gadget or, tap the fire catch five times quick. There are two modes on the Druga Foxy:

  1. Variable wattage
  2. Variable voltage

In wattage mode, the Foxy will fire from 5-150W. In voltage mode, it will fire from 0.5-6.5V. To switch between modes, hold the alteration catches down in the meantime. Following a second or something like that, the mode will switch. The UI on the Foxy is basic: the presentation will demonstrate your wattage/voltage, obstruction, and battery level. There are no catch mixes to bolt the obstruction or fire button, and no menu.

How does it work?

Introducing or evacuating an atomizer is staggeringly straightforward with the speedy discharge button. To start an atomizer, begin by pushing the fast discharge catch. Presently, solidly press your atomizer down onto the 510 connectors and discharge the catch. Give the atomizer a half turn or so clockwise, and it’s on. Taking an atomizer out is considerably less demanding. Press the fast discharge button and give your atomizer a half turn counter-clockwise. It will fly off. This is awesome for cleaning your associations and makes it much quicker to switch attys also.


Regardless of whether in wattage or voltage mode, the Druga Foxy hits quick and it hits hard. From the minute that you push the fire catch, it’s terminating immediately. I was vaping with the Druga Foxy at some truly high wattage (130W+), and it certainly felt like I was getting the power that I set. The battery proficiency of the Druga Foxy is detectably superior to some other double 18650 battery box mods and appears to taste control at a slower rate. I ended up getting longer battery life out of a similar atomizer and battery setup when utilizing the Druga Foxy, and that is dependably something worth being thankful for. I additionally had a great deal of fun vaping with the voltage mode. Driving it more towards 6.5V gives you some awesome hits.

In the performance office, the Druga Foxy is extraordinary. The wattage and voltage modes work marvelous, and the battery productivity will more than get you as the day progressed.


The Druga Foxy is a dazzling looking mod, and the moderate plan coordinates the wonderful, basic nature of the gadgets activity. The brisk discharge button is an extremely cool and imaginative component, and I ended up utilizing it more than I figured I would. Testing out various tanks with the Druga Foxy was a breeze, and the snappy discharge likewise makes it exceptionally bother allowed to clean your atomizer contact. While the Foxy doesn’t have a few highlights, similar to temperature control mode or a propelled menu, it compensates for it with its stellar wattage/voltage mode execution. The capacity to go up to 150W or 6.5V is a pleasant max, as most vapers won’t require more power than that. For a double 18650 mod, battery life is perceptibly superior to some different mods and will get you during that time in case you’re a lower wattage vaper.

You can find out more about the Augvape Druga Foxy on Augvape website!

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