The Best Vape Batteries 18650

The vape batteries 18650 are the engine that powers your evaporator. To enjoy these delicious clouds, you need a powerful and long-lasting battery. More importantly, you want to be sure. When choosing the best batteries for evaporation, the three most important factors are production, capacity and safety.

What Is The Best Battery For Vaping?

The Mods are powered by an integrated package or a replaceable battery. Advanced Vapers prefer the latter as they are more versatile and safer to load. The 18650 has become the preferred battery for vaping, and modern Mods are often based on this configuration.

Why 18650 Batteries Are Ideal For Vaping?

The modifications with the integrated lithium batteries are compact and produce an above-average production. Its main advantage is that you do not have to carry a complete set of replacement batteries and chargers with you. As a plug-and-play device, these Mods are ready to boot as soon as you remove them from the box. There are also fewer security issues with the built-in batteries.

The disadvantage of integrated batteries is that they are essentially disposable. Batteries do not last forever, and once they worsen, you must dispose of the entire device. An external 18650 battery gives you more control over the performance of your mod and the quality of the battery. When the end of the life cycle is reached, it can simply be replaced by another 18650 battery.

What You Should Look Out in Vape Battery?

If you choose a battery for your vaporizer, you should consider these four important features:

  • High capacity (mAh)
  • High rated current (amperage)
  • High voltage during evaporation
  • Low operating temperature

The price should be at the end of your list when choosing a Vape battery. Cheap imitations can completely ruin your vaping experience. At first, they can be well drained, but after a few weeks or months the Vape disappears and your mod begins to overheat. For a few dollars more, you can go for a better and safer device for a year or more.

What You Need To Know About Battery Labels

The battery labels are dotted with numbers and letters that are extremely important to the Vapor. But if you do not know much about battery chemistry, this little information can be confusing at first. Here is a short glossary of the terms of the battery that you should familiarize yourself with.

  • I: lithium-ion battery
  • M: The positive ion is manganese
  • C: The positive ion is cobalt
  • N: The positive ion is nickel
  • F: The positive ion is iron
  • R: The shape is round
  • Q: The shape is flat

18650: The battery is 65 mm high and 18 mm thick. Most 18650 batteries produce 3.7V and the chargers turn off automatically when the battery reaches 4.2V. A Vape battery with INR 18650 on the label is a lithium ion battery with positive nickel ions, round in shape and measures 65mm x 18mm.

A battery with Vape IMR 18650 2500mAh 3.6V on its label means that it is a lithium-ion battery with a positive manganese ion, round shape, capacity of 2500 mAh, rated voltage of 3.6 V and dimensions is from 65 mm to 18 mm ,

The Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping Class

There are nearly a dozen 18650 battery brands. Add to that the many different models and specifications and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your device and the Vape style. Although there is no typical classification for 18650 batteries but there are 5 common categories that you can use as a purchasing guide. Classes A, B and C are based on battery capacity.

Class A batteries

They have the largest capacity at 3500 mAh. Due to the capacity compared to the current offset, these models should have the lowest ampere rating. These batteries are ideal for steaming at 30 watts or less, with support for resistors up to 0.4 ohms. Big brands like Samsung and Sony have not invented the 18650 batteries in this area yet, so it’s very likely that you’ll find them in the repackers.  If you say that a 3500 mAh battery has 20 amps, it probably is not true. For marketing reasons, packaged batteries are valued far beyond what they can actually handle. If you do not want to recharge the batteries often, you can opt for a 3000 mAh rated 20A or 1500A with a 30A rating.

  • Class A – 3500 mAh
  • Ultra-high density up to 3500mAh
  • Very low discharge up to 10A
  • Recommended use: not more than 30 watts
  • Mechanical modifications: 0.4 ohms or more
  • Average voltage: 3.6V

Class B

If you are looking for the best battery capacity with a slightly higher download, this is the category for you. Class B batteries have a capacity of 3000 mAh and a rated output of 15 A. These are ideal for Vapors of 30 to 60 watts, with support for resistances as low as 0.27 ohms.

  • High density up to 3000mAh
  • Low download up to 15A
  • Recommended usage: 30 to 60 watts
  • Mechanical changes: 0.27 to 0.4 ohms
  • Average voltage: 3.6V

Class C

Class C batteries are great for medium power vapors. While the capacity is less than 2500 mAh, the discharge rate increases to 20 amps. These batteries withstand resistances as low as 0.19 ohms and range from 60 to 80 watts.

  • Average density up to 2500mAh
  • Medium discharge up to 20A
  • Recommended use: 40 to 80 watts
  • Mechanical modifications: 0.19 to 0.26 ohms
  • Average voltage: 3.7V

Best in Class

Samsung INR 18650 30Q 3000mAh 15A

Vape Batteries 18650

The Samsung INR18650-30Q has excellent capacity at 3000mAh. The addition of nickel to this hybrid chemistry gives it an amplification limit above the average of 15A. Trustworthy and affordable, the Samsung 30Q has a rated voltage of 3.6V and withstands resistances as low as 0.27 ohms.

Sony VTC6 3000mAh 15A

Vape Batteries 18650

The Sony VTC series has always been at the top of the list of the best 18650 Vape batteries, and this latest version has no exception. While the Sony VTC6 does not have high DC output like the VTC4 and the VTC5, it has an enormous capacity of 3000mAh. If you are looking for maximum capacity, the VTC6 should be your preferred battery.

Note: There are many wrong Sony batteries. Make sure you only buy reliable sellers.

The Conclusion of the Best 18650 Vape Battery

Choosing the best 18650 battery for vaping is more than just the ability to blow clouds like a Vape engine. Battery safety has become a hot topic with recent reports of explosive vaporizers. A reliable Vape battery has a high gain limit, which allows the battery to run for long periods of time. If you have high-power evaporation at over-ohm levels, make sure the battery not only supplies a large current, but also while controlling the heat.

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