Aleader Mamba Kit Review | Gypsum Mod & Beehive RTA Tank

Aleader is experiencing a real production boom, launching new products one by one. After their recent success with the Aleader Bhive 100w full kit and funky Squonk Resin kit, they have now presented the Mamba kit. It is available in 6 different colors. Pick your favorite color and experience vaping in a worthy way.

Aleader Mamba Kit Review

What’s in the kit?

Aleader Mamba Kit Review

  • 1 x Mamba Tube.
  • 1 x Tank Beehive RTA.
  • 1 x backup bottle.
  • 2 x 0.15 ohms + 0.40 ohm.
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable.
  • 1 x Rattle bag and additional parts.
  • Warranty letter.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Colors available

Features & Specifications

Gypsum Mod Beehive RTA sub-ohm Tank
Diameter 24 mm. Diameter 24 mm.
Height is 90 mm. Height 40 mm (with the plot).
Weight 117.6 grams. 810 (with the barbells).
Materials made of metal and resin. Liquid capacity of 2 ml.
Works on one 18650 battery. Nail-plug 510 gold plated
The voltage of 4.2V
Power Mode
Lower resistance 0.1 ohms.
Slot bolt 510 (spring) steel.
Micro USB charging port.


The Mamba kit comes in many colors, its design inspired by snake skin, obviously influenced by Smok. It is very similar to the Stick Prince from Smok but slightly wider by about 2 mm.

Special features

Pressing the button 5 times makes it turn on and off. Even though it does not have a display, still it is pretty easy to use it. It has a button in a shape of a hexagon which has a light indicator going around it. Everything you need to know can be detected from that indicator. Mamba works on a single 18650 battery with an intelligent mechanical style (depending on battery life).A micro USB port is located on the top of the device to charge the battery. In the Mamba there is a simple chip equipped with basic protection and intelligent LED indicator, within the protections, the device turns off automatically after 10 seconds of operation, also protected from low voltage where the device will turn off automatically when the voltage reaches to 3.2V, to maintain the battery life, It is protected from any electrical contact that may occur, also provided protection during the charging process and the charging stops automatically when the battery is fully charged. There is also protection from overheating. The supplied chip automatically sets the output power according to the voltage you use and the amount of charge remaining on the battery. It will always give a performance with the best possible strength.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It is made up of quality material Does not have a battery vent
The size is small and can be carried easily Does not have an indicator to tell that the battery is installed
It is light weight
Extremely easy to use


Keep in mind that if it is fully charged, the maximum power will be reached and will decrease as the battery life runs out because the tank has a sub-Ohm system. In order to fill the liquid from the top, you have to remove the top. It comes off pretty easily as the top is smooth. The tank can absorb up to 2 ml of liquid. There are two openings at the bottom for adjustable airflow, they can be adjusted, and by the way, the TFV8 Smoil Coats are fully compatible with this tank. The performance of the tank is excellent, both in terms of the level of flavor and intensity of steam. The Aleader Mamba kit is pretty simple and elegant. Does not have a lot going on in the settings department. Usually, when you buy a device to vape you have to set it first accordingly which might take time as some mods are very complex. With the Mamba Kit, you don’t have to worry that much. Just switch it on and get vaping.

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