What is E-liquid or E-juice? And Where to Get It?

Vaping involves heating a liquid to the point where it becomes vapor, which can then be inhaled. The liquid contained in vapor devices and e-cigarettes is known as e-liquid or sometimes by other names such as e-juice or Vape juice. Whatever the name suggests, the function is e-liquid in the same way: The liquid heats up and inhales the resulting vapor.

The smoke and the vapor are different. Smoke is a by-product of combustion. Vapor is a by-product of heating, just as a boiler heats the water to produce steam. The liquid is drawn through the coil while the battery current also flows through the coil, and the liquid is heated to generate vapor.

What is E-liquid or E-juice?

What’s in your fluid?

It may seem complicated and mysterious when you start to Vape, but the composition of the e-liquid is deceptively simple. There are only four ingredients:

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are simple additives in the food industry used, for example, to sweeten or conserve food. The flavors are blended to create our variety of flavors. And nicotine needs no introduction, except to say that it is the only toxic part of the fluid. If you include a liquid, as seen by 70% VG, it means that 70% of the mixture is VG, leaving the remaining 30%, flavor and nicotine (for mixtures containing nicotine). The flavors make up about 10% of E-liquid.

How Mix Affects the Vape Experience

VG has a thick consistency, and therefore, a high VG mix can produce a large amount of vapor. But it requires more power from the device. A smaller and less efficient apparatus would have problems with efficient heating of VG blends. The PG is thinner and therefore uses less energy to generate Vape, but the amount of steam produced is also much smaller. PG also gives you the throat that resembles the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Since it is the vapor that carries the flavors and the nicotine, the production of more vaping will possibly bring more of these properties. More VG needs more powerful equipment.

But because of the dense vapor mixtures with high VG, vapor releasing a high nicotine mix with high VG mixture would endure more nicotine than an average person can. When high LV mixtures are used, it is common practice to reduce the nicotine content in the fluid to compensate for the increase in vapor. In contrast, vapers using high PG mixes suitable for low power equipment tend to use higher nicotine because the Vape produced is less dense and therefore cannot absorb as much. In the end, the mix is ​​something very individual, and not all liquid ingredients appeal to everyone. It’s a good idea to experiment with the different proportions in search of your perfect combination.

Vapemate Areas

Vapemate has three divisions of E-liquid. Origins are a blend of 30% VG and are ideal for small pen devices. Classic is the widest range of more than 150 flavors and is available in 50% or 70% VG. Directors Cut is our maximum bandwidth of VG, which creates great flavors and dense clouds.

So, which nicotine strength should I use?

The legislation allows a maximum dose of 1.8 mg in the fluid. What follows is not definite, because the strength of nicotine is something individual, but as a starting point.

  • 0% (0MG) for vaping without nicotine
  • 3% (3MG) for drops or very light smoker
  • 6% (6MG) smoker of 10 light cigarettes per day
  • 2% (12MG) smokers of 10 standard cigarettes per day
  • 8% (18MG) smokers from 15 to 20 cigarettes a day

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Another Note about Vaping

There is only one ingredient in the liquid that is known to be toxic and that is the nicotine itself. In its purest form, nicotine is a poison, so it is clear that you should try to use the lowest possible dose, According to the legislation of the Tobacco Products Directive, e-liquid and vaping are more strictly regulated and you will find additional messages and warnings on the packaging to ensure that users understand what they say. There’s in her e-liquid.

  • Security and storage
  • Always keep your E-liquid away from children
  • Store in child-resistant bottles
  • Wash immediately if liquid comes into contact with the skin
  • Be careful to avoid unnecessary spills when refilling cartridges
  • Avoid swallowing

If you feel unwell with an elliptical fluid, contact a doctor immediately. Keep your E-liquid in a cool dark closet and away from children. The soaking of the liquid improves the taste by allowing it to be mixed at the molecular level. You will notice that the fluid generally darkens after a few days of soaking.

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