The Best Cheap E-juice Brands – Have You Tried?

Are you an e-liquid expert who likes premium e-liquids? You might want to look the other way now because this article is dedicated to Vapors who are looking for best cheap e-juice. E-juice prices have become more expensive in recent years, with prices approaching or even exceeding one dollar per milliliter of e-liquid. It seems that every brand of e-liquid now has its own “ultra premium” line. While some of these lines clearly justify their price tags and their taste is fantastic, not all Vapors can afford these high-end Vape juices. While most brands have turned their attention to their premium VG lines, there are still cheap generic of e-liquids on the market that do the work for those on a tight budget.

We’re not in the bush; cheaper e-juice is affordable for a reason and will not be able to compete with premium brands for the taste and complexity of the blends. You get what you pay for, and many self-proclaimed e-liquid snobs will get to know some of the cheaper brands of e-liquids. That does not mean that they cannot give you a funny Vape! We enjoyed a large selection of electronic juices and many of our team started drinking cheaper electronic fluids. If you have a Vape budget and are looking for Cheap Vape Juice, we’ve covered everything. Watched some of the Best Low-Cost Vapor E-Juices we’ve tested so far.

Best Cheap E-Juices

best cheap e juiceVista Vapors

Known for its wide selection of cheap electronic juices, Vista Vapors knows exactly how to launch their product. With a wide selection of nicotine options and various VG/PG blends, it offers a variety of options to vaporize Vista Vapor juices. These guys are probably one of the few brands that offer so much variety.

Most Popular Flavors

Wild Berry

best cheap e juice

A combination of all different berries, this fruity blend plays on your sweet side. You will find strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries in this incredibly filling juice.


best cheap e juice

Mix Your Own

That’s exactly what the names say. Choose between 2 different flavors to prepare your own mix. You can choose your own PG / VG reports and choose from 6 different nicotine options.


best cheap e juice

Cotton Candy

If you’re looking for a cheap e-juice that will bring you back to the summer days of your childhood, then this is for you. Its sweet taste is almost identical to cotton candy.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Large selection of bottle sizes Plastic bottle
Possibility to create your own mixtures, all juices is of high quality Limited shipping options
Wide range of nicotine, PG / VG reports Difficult to understand for new users

Click here to read Vista Vapors E-juice review

Visit Vista Vapors Website

LA Sauce

best cheap e juiceLA Sauce has many affordable electronic juices, with a good amount of discounts and packages available. There is no doubt that LA sauce is one of the cheapest brands of e-liquid. Most fluids work very well with every coil. LA Sauce focuses on delivering an extremely high level of liquids while maintaining a competitive price and is responsible for some of the highest quality and cheap e-juices. It manages to get incredible reviews of some of the vaping industry’s most vicious critics, and it’s clear that The Sauce LA has mastered the art of affordable electronic juices.

Most Popular Flavors

best cheap e juiceOpen Road

As one of the best Krispy vanilla juices on the market, the open road has a perfect combination of sweet caramel with a touch of marshmallow.


best cheap e juiceCapone

Famous for being one of the best muesli juices and it is believed that Capone comes closest to the Froot Loops cereal bowl. A strong crunchy cereal flavor mixed with sweet and creamy milk.


best cheap e juiceVanilla Cream

It is one of the most popular coffee juices. Vanilla cream has a sweet vanilla flavor with small touches of coffee and cream, making it a perfect liquid for the morning.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Extremely competitive prices, high quality fluids Only up to 6 mg of nicotine
Well designed juices with a perfect balance of flavors No adaptation
Easy to use a bottle Plastic bottles, less premium feeling

Visit LA Sauce Website

best cheap e juiceVape Wild

With one of the biggest social backers and a loyal customer base, Vape Wild is one of the leading brands of affordable Vape juice online. It’s clear that the wild Vape has done its business right and its electronic juices are also extremely well made and delicious! Wild Vape has some of the most competitive prices because it offers many of its liquids with discounts on packages. Vape Wild offers a wide range of products. They have an excellent range of affordable electronic juices that always deliver extremely high quality Vapor and flavor.

Most Popular Flavors

best cheap e juiceS + C2

It is one of the most popular electronic juices with cheap wild Vape, S + C2 or strawberries and cream is a perfect mix of strawberries and cream with a rich taste and vaporous vapor.


best cheap e juiceCinnamon Toast Cereal

This e-juice gives you a perfectly smooth and creamy cinnamon flavor. This juice is a great option for any grain lover.



best cheap e juiceSmurf Cake

One of the best cheesecake and cranberries is on the market. Smurf Cake has an extremely strong taste that suggests blueberry, cream and a slightly salty taste.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Bottles of high quality Liquids take longer to soak in coils
Wide range of PG / VG / NIC relationships The best deals are in bulk
E-juice bonus on orders over $ 15 Extremely high demand, difficult to get the best liquids at launch events
Free shipping for orders over $ 30

Visit Vape Wild Website


If you are an informed consumer, your e-liquid bill should not be astronomical every month. My advice is to find the e-liquids that work for you because the taste is very subjective. The only way to achieve this is to try many different brands. Luckily for cheaper e-juices, you do not have to spend $ 25 a bottle! I recommend that you buy 15 or 10 ml bottles until you find flavors that appeal to you. Some of the brands mentioned above may not be for everyone, but the key is figuring out what works best for you. While cheap orange juice is not for everyone, some Vapor may not have a choice. I hope that this article will give the Vapers some ideas on how to reduce their e-liquid consumption habits. What affordable e-liquid brands do you like?

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