How to Make DIY E-juice Easy and Cheap?

If you have been smoking for a long time, you can try new vape juice flavors with your favorite RDA, RTA or Box Mod. It’s possible that ordering large quantities of their juice flavors is a bit expensive all day, especially if your taste goes toward the premium juice and priced at over $20 per bottle. Surely there has to be a better way than taking payday loans to get your hands on this peanut butter flavored creation that you just have to have in your sub-ohm tank. Luckily, if you know How to Make DIY vape juice home, it can be a fun and intriguing hobby that delicious side effect will save you a lot of money by using cheap vape juice. The reality is that it’s relatively easy to learn how to make your own vape juice at home, and we’ll try to cover all the facets involved.

What is DIY E-juice?

how to make diy e-juice

In simple terms, creating your own e-liquid involves mixing the four main elements that make up the e-juice. These are PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring. You do not necessarily need all these elements, for example, if you prefer non-nicotine e-liquid or if you prefer a maximum of VG juice for vapors below ohms. There are other specialized additives that we will see in a future article, but these four are enough to make a high quality DIY E-Juice. The idea may seem overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier than you think. You do not need advanced chemical-technical skills: if you can cook an egg, you can make your own juice. What do I need to make my own e-liquid?

You need to buy a kit to get started, but you will quickly recoup the money you have saved. First, you need the four components that make up the entire e-juice:

  1. Propylene glycol

It is also known as PG. If you have more ohms you will need a bottle of it. We recommend 500 ml or one liter for initiators. Make sure it’s pharmaceutical, with no additives.

  1. Vegetable Glycerin – VG

This will probably be the bulk of your consumption, especially if it has sub-ohm vapors. We recommend the purchase of a liter of pharmaceutical grade.

  1. Nicotine

how to make diy e-juice

It is important to buy good quality nicotine. It breaks down quickly when exposed to air, darkens in color and gets a spicy taste, so you need to make sure the sealed nicotine is clear. It depends on your preferred nicotine level, but a bottle of nicotine 100 ml of 72 mg / ml should be sufficient for beginners. Nicotine is normally suspended in a solution of PG, so keep in mind that this affects the PG / VG ratio of your juice. Be very careful in handling and storing nicotine. Its effectiveness as a poison tends to be exaggerated, but spreading it on the skin can cause illness if it is not eliminated quickly. Of course, if you prefer the vape juice without nicotine, you can stop. Please keep your nicotine out of the reach of children.

  1. Aroma Concentrates

how to make diy e-juice

They determine the taste of your juice. There are thousands of individual flavors to choose from, which can be combined into countless unique flavors. You can also buy flavors at once, when several flavors are mixed. These are ideal for beginners, and some large juice manufacturers such as Pink Spot and Totally Wicked are already selling their own ranges as disposable concentrates. In addition to liquids, you need additional equipment for the actual mixing process. There are two methods: mixture by volume and mixture by weight.

Electronic Scales

how to make diy e-juice

To mix with weight, you need a small set of electronic scales up to 0.01g. That’s exactly enough to handle almost all electronic home improvement recipes.

Here you can get electronic scales for reasonable price

Storage Bottles

how to make diy e-juice

Store your PG and VG in individual bottles with nozzles to facilitate collection to the bottles. A few bottles of 100ml seasoning should be ideal. Store your nicotine in yellow-colored dropper bottles: Brown glass helps reduce nicotine breakdown, and the dropper allows for greater accuracy.

If you don’t know where to look for bottles, try Aliexpress.


how to make diy e-juice

When mixing volumes, you will need a variety of syringes. We recommend receiving 10 ml syringes for PG and VG and numerous 1 ml syringes for nicotine concentrates and flavorings. You will also need needles: we recommend a 14 mm thickness to facilitate the handling of thick VG.

Here is some Syringe for reasonable price

E-Juice Bottles

how to make diy e-juice

Buy your first experience with a selection of 10ml plastic test-bottle and 50ml bottles to prepare large quantities of your favorite liquid. These are cheap and widely used. Most probably some bargain detail you will get on Aliexpress.


how to make diy e-juice

Buy cheap stickers to write the details before you stick them on the bottle. Over time, you may find it easier and more polite to use a pen like the Dymo 160.

If you want some bargain deal, try to look stickers on Aliexpress.

How Can I Make DIY Juice Vape? A Step-By-Step Guide

For beginners, it’s best to start with a simple recipe or concentrate. We will see how to find it more accurate below. Or if you have a good idea for a combination of flavors, you can type directly. But make sure you take detailed notes to process future versions.

  • Recipe And Relationships

The first step is to find a recipe that suits you and buy the appropriate concentrates. For this example, we’re using the mustard milk recipe, a popular strawberry milkshake flavor created by reddit user and DIY handyman Fizzmustard:

Strawberry (TPA) 6%

Vanilla ice cream (TPA) 6%

(TPA is the abbreviation for Apprentice Perfumers, a leading manufacturer of flavors, but if you go to TPA, you want to use their products in the DIY Apprentice Flavor Homework Program).

Now we have to decide which PG / VG relationship we want to use. Fizzmustard recommends VG / PG 70/30, making it suitable for sub-ohm watts. You can also try VG max, or if you want a version that works in a tank with more ohms, try a larger share of PGs, like 50/50. If you change the VG / PG ratio, you may need to adjust the amount of added flavor to achieve a similar flavor.

Then choose your nicotine content. Here we will create a 10 ml bottle of mustard milk with 6 mg of nicotine and VG / PG in a ratio of 70/30, but it can be adjusted to your personal taste.

  • Measures

how to make diy e-juice

Now that we have our choice, we need to calculate the quantities to use. This can be complicated to do by hand, but do not worry, there are several online juice calculators that do it automatically. Create an eLR account for best results: it’s easy to use and you can access your prescriptions from any online device. (Other juice most complete calculators are also recommended, such as EjuiceMeUp and steam engine.) To create a recipe, enter the appropriate details and tap Save. This produces a graph that shows the volume, weight and percentage of each ingredient. Another good all-in-one calculator is on You can save your e-liquid recipes as private or public (so other users can see them).

  • Mixing

how to make diy e-juice

It’s time to get your hands dirty. First and foremost, book a safe sanitary area in a clean room with no pets or children. Wear rubber gloves and a plastic cup in case of spillage.

By Weight: When using scales, you should focus on grams. Place your empty 10 ml bottle on the scale and set it to zero. Now add your drops in the right amount in grams. Then add nicotine with a pipette or syringe and do not spill anything. Use your Squeezy bottles to add PG and VG. If you prefer to use syringes, you must use new ones for each ingredient to avoid cross-contamination. The final weight must be the same as that given in the eLR table.

In volume: If you mix volume, it’s a bit more complicated. Using separate syringes for each component check the measurements on the syringe to measure the ml and fill it into the empty 10 ml bottle. Each flavor and nicotine concentrate requires a single 1 ml syringe. Note that this method is less accurate than the use of ladders.

Note: Another way to use the volume and possibly the simplest (although this is not the easiest way to transfer to others to reproduce it or the size) is to use drops as a measure. It works very well with the flavors, and if you make a small investment in dropping bottles of empty plastic (ideally with drops of the same size), it is convenient. This is the least accurate way to measure nicotine, so we recommend that you do not use drops to maintain your nicotine content.

Congratulations, now you have your first homemade DIY bottle! Well that?

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