Vape side effects – What are they?

The vapers have been debating Vaping Side Effects for a long time. A quick search of the topic in ECF found 207 threads in March 2008, which almost marks the beginning of the Vape discussion, and 374 mentions in general. Frankly, the subject has died, and almost every discussion, article, or advice on vendor websites outweighs the same potential side effects. Here is a spoiler alert: The most common side effects with Vaping are caused by nicotine or dehydration. Other side effects have nothing to do with vaping, but are symptoms of nicotine withdrawal or smoking cessation.

We’ll also be analyzing the side effects of Vaping, but we’ve also discovered other side effects that might be interesting.

What we will not cover are things that have not been proven or that are not considered side effects, such as unchecked risks and the dangers of vaping or battery explosions. These side effects are things that we know exist, or at least the fumes speak a lot about them.

Side Effects of Dehydration

You Need Water to Work Without it, you can suffer from a variety of horrible problems, from convulsions to heat stroke, seizures and even kidney failure. But before you reach these extremes, you will have mild dehydration symptoms.

The little symptoms are what steamers usually find. This is because the base of the e-liquid we spray is made of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerol (VG) or a combination of both. PG and VG are hygroscopic. It means that they absorb water.

When you inhale steam, do not wet your mouth, throat and esophagus. Instead, it removes the moisture from the mucous membranes and returns them to the majestic cloud that you exhaled. In short, evaporate dry. And a dry Vaper can have some problems.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Scratching or sore throat
  • To cough
  • A headache
  • Nasal bleeding

Personally, I met many vapers who had a combination of these symptoms, and all offered the same remedy: drink more water. And they are right. Drinking fluids in your body is the only way to counteract the moisture left behind by your body. So drink plenty of water, tea, soda, juice or whatever you want.

No beer or coffee! It is true that moisture from alcoholic drinks hydrates you, but alcohol actually inhibits your body’s ability to retain water so that it does not substantially compensate for the fluid that you lose by vaporizing. Caffeine has a different but related effect. It can cause you to urinate more often, which can also contribute to dehydration. If you go to a coffee shop or a bar, you are drinking water on your side.

PG, VG and Sensitivities of Taste and Allergy

A common topic of discussion among the Vapers is an alleged allergy to PG. Although a true allergic reaction to PG is possible, steamers usually have low sensitivity to PG. The symptoms are often similar to those of dehydration, and it is difficult to separate them. If you suspect a true allergy, a dermatologist may rate it and give you advice (such as Stop Damping PG). This really is a fascinating topic, and there are many cases of sensitivity or allergy to PG that have nothing to do with vaping, as our favorite carrier is also used in almost all foods, medicines and cosmetics of the world. In fact, most adults with a genuine allergy to PG would probably have noticed it long before they tried e-cigarettes, simply because PG is so ubiquitous.

Aroma Allergies Can Be A Much Bigger Problem and Even Deadly

Much rarer are VG sensitivities. Real allergic reactions to glycerol are extremely rare, and as with PG, it is hard to imagine anyone has discovered this before evaporating. Glycerol is used in a variety of products, including soap. Some people, and I am one of them, report that high VG e-liquids cause congestion, difficulty in breathing, or throaty phlegm. In my case, it’s just the throat of the slime, but I also only have the side effect if I verdure the e-juice with over 80 percent VG. So the solution is simple: I spray 50/50 liquids. If you are sensitive to PG or VG, you can probably avoid the annoying effects by playing with the juice mixture that you spray.

Aroma allergies can be a much bigger problem and even deadly. Some e-liquids use flavors that contain leftovers like peanuts, which can cause life-threatening reactions in people with allergies. If you have questions about a certain e-liquid, you should ask the manufacturer if the flavorings contain traces of the substance of the actual problem. If you cannot get a definitive answer, continue reading.

Side Effects of Nicotine

Most vapors experience the effects of emptying too much nicotine at a given time. For example, because we use nicotine until we have the effect we want and expose, it can easily be underestimated, especially if you have an e-liquid in a higher concentration than normal or with a nebulizer that delivers more vapor than you familiar with.

Here we are not really worried about the effects of nicotine overdose as this can be easily avoided if nicotine is not consumed in high concentrations. According to Professor Bernd Mayer, one adult should take 500 mg or more of nicotine to die. But you have not planned it anyway, right?

The typical effects of vaporizing too much nicotine are familiar to you:

  • Stunned or dizzy
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Cold sweat
  • Insomnia
  • Racing heart
  • Afraid or nervous
  • Sounding ears

If you feel any of these things, stop steaming for a while. They will go. If you are constantly suffering from these side effects, reduce or lower your nicotine content.

Avoid weight gain

One of the side effects of nicotine is that many vapors like weight loss or weight control. It is an appetite suppressant, and for many smokers it has been difficult to stop what weight gain means. Some smokers have even gone on smoking out of concern for weight gain.

But according to researcher Linda Bauld from Stirling University in the UK, Vaping can help change that. “People can change their nicotine content, so smoking could start with more e-liquid power and then gradually decrease in a much more sophisticated way than with TRN, which is probably good for maintenance weight and to lose weight,” said  the Guardian.

Other Positive Side Effects

Most people Vape to avoid smoking. Some others have never smoked, but they like nicotine. Others, however, evaporate without nicotine because they like the practice of steaming. When vapers ask about side effects, they usually look for things they should avoid or consider.

But there are also vaping side effects that are good side effects. Did you ever think about it?

  • Save money
  • Meet new friends
  • Help others
  • Learn things
  • Live longer

Since the actual medical side effects of Vaping are usually low and easily preventable, perhaps we should focus more on these side effects. After all, they are the reasons why you continue to steam. And those are the things you probably think of first, when you think about how Vaping affected you.

So the next time you’re asked what the side effects of Vaping are, tell them what’s really important. The biggest side effects of Vaping are good!

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