What to do when your vape signals for No Atomizer / Check Atomizer?

A lot of the vape users, whether they are seasoned, and experienced vapers or completely new to the game, still have difficulty understanding how a vape pen works exactly and so, are confused when hit with different signs, especially warning signs by their vape pens.

The vape is basically designed around an electronic circuit with a battery and an atomizer, which holds a coil and the coil heats up when the battery is switched on. This causes the vape juice in the tank to heat up and turn to mist. This mist is then smoked by the user and the vaping process is complete.

So, it is important that all the connections are complete and the vape is fully charged before you switch it on. Most of the warning signs that emerge from the vaper stick are actually because all the different connections have not been fitted together properly and so the vape is unable to work. However, even after all of these factors are considered, there are certain warning signs that require proper attention because the issue could be a little deeper.

For instance, when your vape stick reads ‘No Atomizer’, it automatically means the battery is unable to find the connection to the coil and hence, is unable to continue its process. The first line of action for such a warning sign would be to check the tank. Does your tank have an adjustable pin? Or do you have another tank that you can try. This rules out any issues with the battery. With an adjustable pin, you can change the pin so that it fits better and hence, complete the connections. If it is not adjustable, make sure the coil is snugly intact in the tank. Some tanks have a spring loaded 510 pin, so that when the coil is installed, it slightly extends the 510 connection and hence the contact is made.

If these things do not work, then there is something up with the atomizer. These could mean one of three things; the center firing pin in the atomizer needs to be fixed (as discussed earlier), the atomizer needs to be cleaned or the atomizer has run its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

If the battery and the atomizer are both working properly in other settings, then the center pin is the probable reason, it can sometimes get pushed too far to make a legit contact. In that case, you power off and allow the vape to cool to avoid burns, then slowly pull the pin from the bottom of the atomizer, about 1-2 mm and check to see if it works. If this does not work, option 2 or 3 will need to be explored.

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