How do Vapes Work – Cannabis Oil

The theory behind vapes was invented by a Chinese inventor that based his invention on the cannabis property. When cannabis is heated to a particular temperature, some of the constituents of the plant such as cannabinoids actually convert into vapor. This is the same mechanism that takes place in the vape, where instead of cannabis leaves, cannabis oil is used. It is infused with other materials that help with the viscosity of the vape juice such as propylene glycol and other ingredients for flavor.

The vape pen can be divided into four major components; the battery, the tank, the atomizer and the sensors and software. The major flow of processes in a vape involves a vape liquid being vaporized. To do this, each of the above mentioned features play their own, vital part.

While in the original design the vaporizing effect was accomplished through a high frequency vibration, the vape produced commercially today go for the simple circuit heater option. A battery is used to power this heater. It is designed such that it is able to reach 400 degree Fahrenheit in a few seconds. Most vapes use rechargeable lithium ion battery, which have a high energy density because of the power required.

The battery is connected to the atomizer. This is an electronic circuit that acts as a heater and has the ability to convert liquid particles into vapor drops. Other jargons, such as clearomizers are also popping up, however they all entail using a circuit that is connected to a coil with a particular resistance. This heats up when an electric current passes through the circuit and causes heating.

The tank is the main holder of the cannabis oil. It is a refillable cartilage and can be changed when the oil is all vaporized. The tank is made of different material depending on the vape bought. However the one thing common in all of these is that they tend to be transparent so that the user can clearly see when the liquid inside that finished. The tank is connected directly to the atomizer to allow maximum connection between the liquid and the coils of the heater.

The last component of the vape is the sensors and the software. Because the vape is a relatively smart device that can indicate the type and location of an issue, unlike certain devices that give no indication and just stop working. You get clear warning signs about the atomizer or the battery in case of any warning. There are also sensors used for those vapes that switch on and off automatically whenever the user inhales or exhales. Sensors are installed to read such changes and allow the vape to respond accordingly.

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