Vaping Essentials: The Must-Have Products to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a problem faced by many people every year. However, with more methods to help people successfully quit becoming available, there are now more opportunities than ever to kick cigarettes for good. One of the most popular methods for smoking cessation is vaping, which is the phrase given to using an e-cigarette.

Vaping is a recommended method of quitting smoking by the NHS, with a recent study from them even proving that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking. Furthermore, those who choose to use vaping as a quit smoking aid are more than twice as likely to succeed when compared to using other smoking cessation methods.

To help those who are interested in e-cigarettes but unsure on where to start, we’ve compiled a list of must-have products and resources to begin vaping. E-cigarettes can look rather complex at first glance, but once you’re aware of what to start with, hopefully you’ll be in a much stronger and confident position.

What is the best choice of e-cigarette for beginner vapers?

One of the first and main concerns when starting vaping is which e-cigarette to buy. Often referred to as vape devices, your choice of e-cigarette can have a profound effect on how you vape. To begin with, it’s important to understand two key concepts: Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping:

  • Mouth-to-Lung (MTL): With this type of vaping, vapour is taken into the mouth before being inhaled. This is very similar to how one smokes a cigarette, making it ideal for people quitting smoking. MTL vaping is characterised by its discreet amount of vapour and clean, crisp flavour.

  • Direct-to-Lung (DTL): With Direct-to-Lung vaping, vapour produced by an e-cigarette is inhaled directly into the lungs. DTL vaping usually produces large clouds of thick, velvety vapour that is rich in flavour.

As you’ve most likely worked out, of the two types of inhalation styles, the best to begin with is Mouth-to-Lung vaping. MTL vaping is very similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette, which makes it an even more suitable replacement. Furthermore, MTL vaping is far more discreet, and doesn’t require as much maintenance or experience as DTL vaping.

Pod Vape Kits

So, what is the best vape device to start MTL vaping? We strongly recommend picking up a pod vape kit as your first e-cigarette. Pod kits are small, easy to transport and very easy to use. Moreover, they do not require as much maintenance as compared to other vape kits, thanks to being based around a vape pod.

The vape pod holds all of the parts that need regularly replacing in a vape kit, such as vape coils. Vape coils serve to heat up your device’s e-liquid, turning it into sweet tasting vapour as a result. These coils wear out with regular use, meaning they will require swapping out periodically. Vape pod kits house coils in their easily replaceable pods, so when it’s time for a new coil, you can simply just swap out the pod!

The way that pod vape kits work makes device management much easier. All you need to do is keep a few extra spare pods for your kit to switch out when the flavour from your e-cigarette starts to wane.

So, which pod kit should you elect to buy? There are so many fantastic options, but we’d recommend the Uwell Caliburn G.

The Caliburn G is the perfect example of what makes a pod kit great. It features a modern, unobtrusive design, and fits snugly in most bags and pockets. The Caliburn G can carry 2ml of e-liquid and is ideal for MTL vaping. The easy-to-hold shape makes it great for replacing cigarettes, and device maintenance is made simple due to the switchable pods. Being a new design, the Caliburn G benefits from modern technology including improved safety features and type-C USB for faster charging.

What e-liquid should a new vaper use?

Now that you have a good idea of what e-cigarette to buy first, you’ll now need to start thinking about e-liquids. E-liquids, often also called vape juices, are right at the heart of your vaping experience. They are what you need to fill your vape device to produce the flavoured vapour that you inhale. To name the best e-liquid would be subjective, as they are entirely chosen according to the user’s flavour preference. However, we are able to share some tips to make sure that you buy the right e-liquids when you begin vaping.

First of all, you’ll want to buy liquids that are suitable for MTL vaping. These liquids can be easily identified by their VG/PG ratio. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are the two main ingredients of e-liquids, and their ratio of PG/VG affects how the e-liquid feels. The key thing to remember is this:

  • High PG (50% PG+): Great for Mouth-to-Lung vaping.
  • High VG (60% VG+): Ideally suited for Direct-to-Lung vaping.

For the best results with your new MTL vape kit, make sure that you’re buying e-liquids with a 50% PG ratio.

Best types of e-liquid for people quitting smoking

For new vapers, the best vape juice route to go down is 10ml TPD e-liquids or Nicotine Salts, also called Nic Salts. These two types of e-liquids make vaping as a beginner super easy – they’re convenient to use, don’t require mixing, and can be added straight to any MTL vape device. Both e-liquids are similar in that they come in 10ml bottles (for nicotine regulation reasons) but they are slightly different:

  • 10ml TPDs: Also commonly known as 50/50s due to their 50% VG and 50% PG ratio. These e-liquids come in every flavour imaginable, with many being preloaded with nicotine, which is why they can only be sold in volumes of 10ml.

  • Nicotine salts: A recent development, nicotine salts are a type of e-liquid that contains nicotine salicylate, a more natural salt form of nicotine. Despite their name, these liquids do not taste of salt and come in many different flavours with a smoother throat hit than normal 10ml TPDs.

Best flavours for new vapers

As we mentioned earlier, e-liquid flavours are a matter of personal choice, however below we have listed some of the most popular flavours that we recommend to new vapers.


Fruit flavours are a great place to start vaping. They’re hugely versatile and show off all the amazing flavours that vaping can provide:

  • Cherry Tree by Vampire Vape 60/40
  • Strawberry by IVG 50/50
  • Truth or Pear Nic Salt by Six Licks


Menthol e-liquids are a firm favourite among beginners. These refreshing e-liquids are great for vaping all day, whilst also being similar to menthol cigarettes.

  • Sensation X by Ohm Brew 50/50
  • Menthol by Vapourlites 50/50
  • Menthol 50/50 by Doozy Vape Co


This category of flavour is hugely suited for ex smokers. For those that genuinely enjoyed the taste of tobacco, or are just after familiarity, Tobacco flavoured e-liquids do not disappoint.

  • Tobacco Ziggicig by Ohm Brew 50/50
  • Straight Tobacco by True Salts Nic Salt
  • Bronze Blend Tobacco by Nasty Juice Nic salt

Which nicotine strength should ex-smokers choose?

Choosing the correct nicotine strength in your e-liquid is key to successfully quitting smoking. In fact, replacing your nicotine intake is the way that most smoking cessation methods work, and vaping is no different. Here is what we recommend to those who are quitting smoking with vaping.

Cigarettes Smoked Recommended E-liquid Nicotine Strength
1 or 2 cigarettes per week 3mg
Less than 10 cigarettes a day 6-10mg
Up to or around 20 cigarettes a day 12-16mg
Over a pack of cigarettes daily 18-20mg

Reliable Online Vape Stores

Vaping requires quite a few consumables, such as pods and e-liquids, so it’s always useful to have a competitively priced and reliable online vape store to order from. A fantastic example of one of these businesses is, and it’s our pick of the bunch. features a broad selection of e-liquids, ideal for both trying out new flavours and stocking up. They also offer plenty of pods and coils, so you can easily replace them all from the comfort of your own home.

Another factor to keep in mind is shipping costs and times. offer free next day delivery on all orders over £20. You can even order until 7pm on weekdays and receive your order the next day, perfect for if you suddenly run out of e-liquid!

Best High Street Vape Stores

High street stores play an enormously useful role to all vapers. These shops are great not only for picking up supplies but also learning more about vaping. Vape shops are way to experience vape products in person and discuss the hobby with other vapers.

Luckily, vape stores are becoming increasingly common. They are often independently run by enthusiasts, meaning wherever you go, you’re likely in good hands. As vaping continues to grow, a few established favourite stores have emerged. There are even awards for vape shops that are run annually, so keep an eye if your local vape shop comes up!

One of our favourites is The Puffin Hut, which have multiple branches based in Wiltshire and Swindon. Puffinhut recently won a Vaparound award for Best Vape Shop of the Year thanks to their continued popularity with vapers.

The Puffin Hut not only has a flexible range of locations, but their selection is also among the best. There are very few items that Puffin Hut can’t supply, making them an ideal store to visit if you’re looking for new vaping equipment or to try new flavours.

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