Weed Smoking Safety Essentials That Every User Should Follow

The legalization of weed has come as welcome news for people who use it for medicinal and recreational purposes. The product range out there is incredible, and so are the choices in delivery methods. Smoking continues to be the top favorite when it comes to consumption methods because weed enthusiasts love the wonderful kick it offers. However, you need to do it right to experience the best it offers while staying safe.  After all, that’s what you would want to do, whether you smoke for pain relief, anxiety alleviation, or only for fun. Here are the important weed safety smoking essentials that every new and seasoned user should stick to.

Steer clear of aluminum grinders

Even before you start smoking, you need to prepare for it with the right tools and accessories. An aluminum grinder for crushing your herb does not make a great choice because the metal is soft and may eventually end up mixed in the weed in the form of tiny shards. On exposure to heat, the metal shards release toxic fumes and carcinogens. These are detrimental to your health as they elevate the risk of cancer. If you want to smoke for the long haul, investing in a steel grinder makes sense.

Stick to only FDA-approved rolling paper

Although you may not pay attention to your rolling paper, it also has a role to play when it comes to smoking safety. One that isn’t good enough may have toxic chemicals and flavorings. It is vital to stick to quality products that are FDA-approved so that you can be sure about the standards of safety. Conversely, you can look for alternatives to rolling paper if you aren’t sure. Thankfully, there are plenty of reliable options to explore, from pipes to bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, and more.

Opt for glass pipes and bongs

When you switch to alternatives like pipes and bongs, choose ones made in glass, rather than plastic. It is crucial from the safety perspective because plastic contains chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which release carcinogens on exposure to heat. You wouldn’t want to use these products in the long run because of the serious health risks they pose. Glass is your best bet when it comes to the material of your smoking accessories.

Practice good hygiene

Another factor that you cannot overlook when it comes to smoking weed safely is good hygiene. You may be choosing the best products and accessories, but not being careful enough can spoil things. Make sure that you keep the tools clean and never roll the weed on dirty surfaces. Sharing the mouthpieces is another practice you should avoid completely because it brings the risk of infection, which is the last thing you would want to happen as you enjoy the puffs.

Paying attention to the technique is equally important. Inhaling the smoke deeply and holding it too long can be hard on your lungs. Avoid being greedy, but enjoy the experience by exhaling faster and taking more puffs. Use only the best quality weed and stick to a dosage that works for you.

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