How to Extend Battery Life of Vaporizer

How to Extend Battery Life of Vaporizer

Batteries play a significant role in devices like laptops and cellphones to vaporizers, and it’s hard to imagine life without batteries. Vaping is all about inhaling the vapor produced using the vaping device.  The vaping device can not operate without an efficient battery. For this reason, you must take care of your battery to have […]

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How to Spot Counterfeit Vapes

The recent “public health crisis” surrounding vaporizers and e-cigarettes is something that has scared the public into targeting vaping as a whole and implementing laws and regulations that prevent its sale and use. Like any crisis, however, many people have been swayed by the hype rather than being given the information about exactly what is […]

Vaping Trend 2019

The Fast Rising Vaping Trend: 2019 Update

The past few years witnessed the hot topic of vaping take over the headlines often. While the harmful effects of smoking slowly started getting through to people, their hunt for safer and affordable alternatives was finally successful. Many experts and researchers have shared information about how vaping can be an alternative to smoking as well […]

Common Uses of CBD Oils

Quit Smoking Tobacco & Start Vaping CBD

After decades of collected research, medical concerns, and years of relentless PSAs, America is starting to snuff out cigarette smoking. While many continue to hold onto the older habits, vaping has now become the most trendiest smoking alternative on the US market. Not only do young adults and public places prefer vaping, but it also […]

Differences Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Wax Vapes

Differences Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Wax Vapes

In the past 6 years, marijuana has been on a quick rise from medical to recreational. This isn’t only in the United States but all over the world. Canada and Uruguay recently legalized marijuana. More than half of the United States has already legalized either medically or recreationally. More and more people are starting to […]



Throughout the years vaping has definitely changed dramatically and that is to be expected with the urge of progression. In the industry’s past times we’ve seen many of these changes, cycling through the introduction of variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods, sub-ohm tanks, mech mods, and who could forget the impact of temp control? These were all […]

Bad Drip Labs Review

An In-Depth Look: Bad Drip Labs Review

Bad Drip Labs is based out of New Jersey and is known for crafting vape juice blends that are unlike anything else you’ve tried. The brand has been delivering intoxicating flavors that will zap your dessert or fruity cravings instantly with a wicked twist on it’s flavors and packaging. Based out of New York, Bad Drip Labs created […]