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Have you ever felt anxious waiting for your turn at an interview? Have you noticed your restlessly shaking legs, not because of weakness, but because your mind wants a spin? You may not have even noticed such a thing, your body is doing voluntarily, but for others, it could be the most annoying thing to watch while they try to concentrate on the task at hand. If yes, a Fidget Hand Spinner is what you need!

If you are seriously thinking of ‘where to buy fidget spinner?’ Then check out our variety store. We have got the best fidget spinners for you. To get a complete overview of fidgeting and fidget spinner toys, keep reading.

What is Fidgeting?

Fidgeting is a medical term used to explain the act of moving about restlessly.

Why do people fidget? Well…there could be several explanations. People fidget as a result of either nervousness, boredom, anxiety, agitation or any combination of these.

Claims are saying that fidgeting can be genetic.

Fidgeting is associated with lack of concentration or not paying attention.

People often find that fidgeting reflects discomfort and restlessness.

Have you ever wondered why do you start doodling at the end of a long classroom lecture? It is a classic fidgeting scenario.

Scientific Reasons behind Fidgeting

Fidgeting might be brain’s way of reacting to discomfort and boredom.

It is argued that fidgeting makes brain more alert towards the task in hand. It can help you physiologically arose to prepare yourself to deal with what’s coming to you.

Some argue that fidgeting provides essential ‘mental breaks’ to concentrate on the task at hand, whereas others believe that fidgeting may be just a state of wandering mind!

Stress at work can make you fidget, and fidgeting in-turn can help you relieve stress. This is where the idea ofstress relieving anti-anxiety fidget spinner comes into the picture!

Serious fidgeting appears to be a symptom of disorders such as,

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

Therefore, serious fidgeting needs medical attention. Hand spinner fidget toy is one good option currently available in the market.

What is a fidget spinner?

  • A fidget hand spinner is a cool stress relieving toy that helps you get over stress at work, give direction to your wandering mind, and help you concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Although fidget spinner toy is the most popular stress-relieving device today, it was invented way back in the 1990s.
  • These hand spinner fidget toys have been a subject of criticism since their invention.
  • There are two lines of thoughts scientists argue about the benefits of fidget hand spinner – it helps in relieving stress, or it does not.
  • We think there are always two sides to the story, but many users claim that a hand spinner fidget toy is a stress buster for them.

History of fidget spinner

  • A Florida-based chemical engineer named Catherine Hettinger invented fidget hand spinner sometime in the 1990s.
  • Catherine wanted to make a soothing toy for children that will help them concentrate, which motivated her to think over the design of the to-be-invented fidget hand spinner.
  • Catherine built a plastic fidget spinner and applied for a patent for a ‘spinning toy’ in 1993. Her patent expired in 2005.
  • After the expiry of the patent, small manufacturers started making variants of fidget hand spinners.
  • Today in 2017, the new metal design and attractive look of fidget hand spinners along with tons of advertisement are responsible for the sudden increase in their popularity.
  • Although today Catherine no more enjoys the monetary benefits of her invention, she has given the perfect soothing toy to the world what she always wanted.

Rise of fidget spinners

  • You may be wondering how the potential of a 1990s invention as a stress buster was never noticed till date by kids and adults! It is surprising, but it’s a fact.
  • Apparently, the increase in popularity of hand spinner fidget toys is attributed to a blog post! No, we are not joking!!!
  • On 23 December 2016, just around the Christmas, James Plafke wrote an article on fidget spinners as a must have office toy in Forbes e-magazine.
  • Probably, James article was the first time fidget hand spinners made an official entry into the sea of electronic media.
  • New York Times tracks down the rise of fidget hand spinner story. NYT reports that after James article was published, sometime in March 2017, YouTube and Reddit users started uploading articles, videos, and images of fidget hand spinners sharing their experiences.
  • Along with fidget hand spinner, Fidget Cube toy made an entry in must-have office toys list. For players,fidget cube vs. fidget spinner debate is an interesting one!
  • The popularity of fidget hand spinners reached schools, and it became a common toy for adults as well as school kids over the time.
  • After April 2017, the popularity of fidget hand spinners grew exponentially as per Google reports.
  • So, fidget hand spinner is a classic example of how a single blog post can rapidly change market dynamics and peoples’ lives.

Where to buy fidget spinner?

Fidget Spinners

  • You must be now wondering about which is the best place to buy fidget spinners. Just visit our VZ fidget spinner online store.
  • We, at Vaping Zone, deal in high-quality plastic as well as metal fidget spinner and fidget cubes; hence, unanimously Vaping Zone is the best place to buy fidget spinners.
  • Our best metal fidget spinners-VZ claw 4 side fidget spinner copperVZ fidget spinner metalVZ glowing fidget spinnerVZ fidget bat spinner
  • Buying fidget hand spinners at Vaping Zone is very easy. You have to simply log in, add your favorite plastic or metal fidget spinner in your VZ cart, and proceed to the payment.
  • We know that if you are into fidgeting, then a single fidget hand spinner is never enough. That is why we sell fidget hand spinners in a bunch, giving you a set of the best hand spinner fidget toys in low price.
  • For cheap fidget spinners, we recommend our high-quality ABS plastic fidget spinners such as VZ fidget spinner and VZ LED fidget spinner.
  • For longest spinning fidget spinner, we recommend our metal fidget spinners such as VZ fidget spinner metal and VZ 2 side fidget spinner metal.
  • You can choose colors of your choice, including camouflage colors, all at Vaping Zone.

Why should you buy fidget spinners from Vaping Zone?

  • Fidget hand spinners as a device are available in many places; however, there is not much difference in the functionality of the spinner that various vendors sell.
  • If you are looking for a good fidget hand spinner, what really matters is what material the device is made up of.
  • Fidget hand spinners and fidget cubes available at Vaping Zone come in two types of material – high-quality, durable ABC plastic and extra strong metal.
  • The finishing of the products is excellent, and these devices typically last long.
  • At Vaping Zone, you will get the latest variety of high-quality fidget spinners to choose from.
  • The mode of delivery of the items to the end user at Vaping Zone is well established, fast and at the same time smooth.

Tips and tricks of fidgeting

There are several tips and tricks, starting from simplest to the one requiring a lot of practice, to play around with your fidget hand spinner.

Hand Spinner Trick #01 – Spin on table or ground

  • Place your hand spinner on plane table top or ground.
  • If you are placing the spinner on the ground, make sure you place it on a smooth surface such as tiles.
  • Give a spin to the spinner blade and keep watching as it makes numerous circles.

Hand Spinner Trick #02 – Spin on finger

  • Place the spinner on your middle finger and use your free fingers to give it a spin.
  • This trick is a bit difficult as you begin, but once you stabilize your finger, the spin will go on and on.

Hand Spinner Trick #03 – Spin on palm

  • Here the difficulty level is slightly high as the palm is an uneven surface; hence balancing the spinner on palm can get tricky.
  • So, balance the spinner on palm and give it a spin. Once the spinner starts moving, it will become increasingly difficult to keep the balance, and that is when the fun begins.

Hand Spinner Trick #04 – Hand transfer while spinning

  • This is an extension of trick no. 02. Here, you have to shift the spinner, while it is still spinning, from one hand to another.
  • Doing so is not easy, but after giving it one or two shots, you will be a master of hand transfer while spinning on fingers.
  • A bit of advice to master the art is bending your knees while hand transfer. Try it.

Hand Spinner Trick #05 – Finger transfer while spinning

  • This one is a relatively difficult trick, but yeah! A bit of a practice and you will be the master.
  • This is again an extension of trick no. 02. Here, you have to transfer the spinner to your fingers without disturbing the spin.
  • You start the spin while resting the spinner base on your index finger and then start shifting its base to the next finger and so on.
  • You can shuffle the spinner among fingers or simply do right to left and back.

Hand Spinner Trick #06 – Spinning around the back

  • A difficult trick to master. This needs not only balance but also flexibility.
  • Start spinning on your index finger, then slowly take the spinner to your back, toss it briefly and again base on the same finger on which it was before.
  • It is difficult to grasp this trick for the first time.

Hand Spinner Trick #07 – Dual spinners

  • For this trick, you need two spinners.
  • You need to start spinning both the spinners on your right and left-hand fingers and do hand transfer.
  • Similarly, you can also try finger transfer and add to the difficulty level.
  • If you master dual spinners, then there are always triple spinners!


  • Fidger spinners are the trending thing today and a must-have office toy.
  • Although invented in the 1990s, the spinners got their original identity only in 2017 after their first appearance in electronic media through a blog post.
  • Functionality-wise all spinners are same, but what makes them unique is the kind of material used in them.
  • Vaping Zone deals in high-quality ABC plastic as well as metal fidget spinners, and hence makes the best choice fidget spinner store for buying the best fidget spinner.
  • There are certain tips and tricks of fidgeting, using which you can master the art of fidgeting and make your work-life an interesting one.

We hope to see this must-have office toy at your desk soon. We hope this soothing toy makes your life easy and stress-free.

Buy Fidget Spinners Now!

Buy Fidget Spinners Now!

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