Going to South Africa? Take Your Vaporizer with You

South Africa has recently legalised the use of recreational cannabis, so you if are you thinking about taking a trip to South Africa, you are able to take your vaporizer with you and use cannabis.

If you are thinking about taking your vaporizer with you then you need to know how to travel on a plane with one. There are a number of vape stores in South Africa as well, so you can always buy a vaporizer in South Africa and take one home with you as another option.

Vape shops South Africa offer the latest models of vaporizers that can be used with loose leaf cannabis or with cannabis oils. As South Africa has recently implemented the legalisation of recreational cannabis, you will have no problems getting what you need from a vape store South Africa to ensure you have the best vaping experience.

Am I Able to Bring Weed or Dabs on a Plane?

You are not technically allowed to bring weed or dabs on a plane. TSA security officers do not search for cannabis or other drugs, however, a substance that appears to be cannabis that is seen during security screenings will be taken to law enforcement.

It is not relevant whether cannabis is legal under local law because the TSA is governed by federal law.

Can I Take my Vape Pen on a Plane?

The FAA prohibits vaporizers from being in checked baggage. You are able to take battery powered e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaporizers, atomizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems into the aircraft cabin, so you can take your vaporizer as carry-on baggage or have it on you.

However, it is always a good idea to first check with the airline that you are flying with for any restrictions.

You are then able to take your vaporizer to South Africa, but make sure you empty and clean your vape beforehand so that cannabis residue is left behind. It is also a good idea to leave your grinder behind, which is not so bad because vape stores South Africa stock grinders that you can buy whilst you are there.

Even though you are able to take your vaporizer on a plane, you should still be discreet about it and put it in a sleek carry case that doesn’t advertise that you vape cannabis. This is just so you can avoid unwanted attention.

As a travelling cannabis user, you need to make sure that you clean every part of your kit. You should not be travelling with any traces or resin of cannabis. As long as you do this, you can easily fly to South Africa with your vaporizer and get anything else you may need in South Africa as they have recently legalised the use of recreational cannabis.

You should read all the terms of the airline that you are travelling with to ensure they do not require you to pack and store your vaporizer a certain way before you take it on board. You need to make sure you comply with all regulations in place.

Once, you get off the plane in sunny South Africa, you can just head to a vape store or vape shop and see what they have on offer. They will also be able to point you in the direction for legal cannabis or cannabis oils depending on your vaporizer.

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