The Proof: Why E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful than Cigarettes? [Infographic]

While vaping is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people and organizations state that inhaling e-cigarette vapor is better for your health than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Although that is certainly true, these statements usually are not backed by any facts or evidence why e-cigarettes are less harmful, making skeptics think twice about them. And, let’s be honest, there are not many people out there who have the patience to go through long, boring and often complicated research findings in order to find out the truth.

Luckily for seasoned vapers, beginners, and vaping naysayers as well, the folks from, an Ireland-based e-cigarette & e-liquid specialist, have put together a comprehensive and visually engaging infographic telling us exactly why vaping is less harmful than smoking.

Although some of you may already know that e-cigs are 95% less harmful than smoking, this infographic includes many other facts, evidence and quotes from health officials and experts. For example, turns out that only one percent of adults and young people who have never smoked are becoming regular e-cigarette users. Also, the public information seems to be misleading, as 82% of people surveyed in the US in 2010 believed that vaping was less harmful than smoking, while in 2014, this number declined to only 51%. Enough talk, see the facts for yourself!

The Proof: Why E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful than Cigarettes?

Why E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful than Cigarettes?

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