Brad Pitt is Sad and Spends 15 Hours A Day Vaping, Carving, and Listening to Bon Iver

Guys, Brad Pitt is not well nowadays. There is a divorce, accusations of child abuse, and low relative performance of the past Allies (which we actually thought would be good). According to The Daily Mail, No wonder that he needs a minute to regain his senses and may calm his wounded soul by pushing himself to spend “up to 15 hours a day” vaping, sculpting and also moping in a studio owned by the British artist Thomas Houseago in Los Angeles.

The best thing is that he has a playlist of some sad songs that he is listening on a loop which obviously are tracks of Bon Iver.

That makes sense because Bon Iver for Emma Forever Ago was written in a small Eau Claire cabin in four months of snow, resulting in a stark and a confessional album open wounds as well as raw emotions. Frontman Justin Vernon has repaired his broken heart, and is certainly not stranger praise of celebrities.

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