How to Choose the Right CBD Seller for You

Maybe you have been considering consuming CBD (cannabidiol) to ease symptoms of some health conditions. Research shows that CBD is an effective treatment for pain as a result of cancer, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic.

CBD is a cannabis compound that is gaining a lot of popularity. Therefore, manufacturers are flooding the market with more and more CBD-infused products. There is anticipation that by 2020, CBD products will become a $1 billion industry.

With such growth, there might be unscrupulous sellers trying to defraud customers. Also, the new merchants and brands coming out each day claim to offer the best and high-quality CBD products. All these make it challenging to identify the right seller for you.

Even so, the following tips can help you buy CBD from the right seller:

Offers CBD products from the right brands

Knowing legitimate brands matters in the cannabis industry. While some manufacturers are doing their part by providing information that consumers need and are transparent with their dealings, others are not.

The essential thing is to know the manufacturer of the CBD product you want to buy. The right brand should:

  • Research on what is beneficial to the users rather than just using CBD isolate. Thus, their products contain other crucial cannabinoids.
  • Show where it is getting its hemp. It is an essential factor to consider since hemp plant is hyperaccumulator meaning it quickly absorbs anything present in the ground and the environment. Thus, if it grows on nutrient-rich soil and clean surroundings, it will produce high-quality CBD.

            Also, if the plant grows in soil that has metals, then it will produce unsafe CBD. It is advisable to look for brands that source their CBD hemp from the US because it is a requirement in the US for farmers to get a certification.

Therefore, choose a seller that offers CBD products, including CBD flower from the right brands.

Offers broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD products

How to Choose the Right CBD Seller

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When looking for CBD products to buy, you’ll notice three main types on the markets; those with full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum CBD. Usually, there are 100+ compounds in cannabis.

Isolated CBD products contain only one of the cannabinoids (CBD). Although these products might be efficient, they are not high-quality since CBD works better in unity with other cannabis compounds.

The following compounds amplify the efficiency of broad-spectrum CBD products in the user’s body:

  • Omega fatty acids
  • Amino acids
  • 100+ cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids
  • 30+ terpenes
  • Glycerides

Broad-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum CBD might help you get all the benefits that come with cannabis. Therefore,make sure you buy from reputed online dispensary canada that offers broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD products.

Check the products’ labels to know if the manufacturer utilizes either of the two CBD forms. You can also find this information on the manufacturer’s website.

Offers CBD products with third-party results

It is always prudent to question each product you consume. Thus, you should know all about the contents of the CBD product you want. It is the reason why third-party testing is crucial when it comes to deciding the right CBD product to use.

The third-party report can be the best way to know if the CBD manufacturer is honest or not. Usually, a testing company does not have a motive to deny or report ingredients in a manufacturer’s formula.

Certificate of analysis from third-party also provides information on:

  • Potency – helps you know how much CBD is in the product. Look for ‘total CBD’ or ‘total cannabinoids’ on the certificate of analysis (COA). Thus, if the product claims to contain 200mg of CBD, then the same amount should be on the COA. Typically, a genuine CBD seller offers CBD products with third-party certification or report.
  • Pesticides or contaminants – it shows if any contaminants are present in the product. Also, it shows the extraction process of the hemp. Hence, it allows you to know if the product is free from pesticides, residual solvents, and contaminants.
  • Microbiological testing – a section of the certificate of analysis also makes sure that the hemp plant the manufacturer uses to make the CBD products has no bacteria or mold.

Since the FDA does not have many clear-cut rules on CBD products yet, the report by third-part gives you the facts to the right CBD product.

Offers CBD products in proper packaging

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The packaging of CBD products matters a lot. From the time they pick hemp leaves, they start to lose potency. Also, as they oxygenate, valuable cannabinoids disappear into the atmosphere. Thus, CBD manufacturers find ways to preserve natural cannabinoids, and at times, they might succumb to the inescapable situations.

To prolong the life of CBD products, manufacturers put them in glass containers. A glass container is impermeable, and it will not hold moisture. Also, glass is transparent to help you check the physical condition of the product. Amber containers are ideal since UV rays cannot penetrate through. Therefore, the right seller offers CBD products in glass and amber containers, not in plastic containers.

Offers C02- extracted CBD products

The extraction process of CBD affects the genetic makeup of the final CBD product. Usually, you must apply pressure on the hemp plant to extract CBD, and such pressure bursts open the trichomes for the plant to excrete its oils. It is this oil that manufacturers sell or use it to produce CBD products.

If manufacturers extract CBD by heat, then this means that they use butane in the process. Thus, the chemicals in butane might interact with the cannabinoids, and anytime this happens, there can be a chemical reaction, which may alter the genetic makeup of the cannabinoids. Butane is a dangerous material, and even if the manufacturers distill from their final products, its immediate contact with the compounds already dilutes the quality of the CBD products.

Because of all these, look for manufacturers that use food-grade ethanol or C02 to extract CBD. They are all-natural solvents that will not interfere with the profiles of the cannabinoids.


CBD is gaining popularity, and because of this, manufacturers are becoming more creative coming up with new CBD products. Not all of these manufacturers are legitimate as they might want to fraud consumers. Thus, it is crucial to equip yourself with the right information, and the above discussion can help you identify the right seller for the right CBD product.

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