Can you give CBD Oil Gummies to your Kids?

CBD oil gummies are becoming popular day by day, especially among kids, because kids can gulp them. CBD oil or Cannabidiol has been helping kids with ADHD, seizures, pain and other disorders in many studies. The good thing about Cannabidiol is that it is non-psychoactive and you can use it for kids. However, many studies are not in support of this idea, but still, these gummies are famous, and people are buying them for their kids.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the infamous cannabis plant, and it is one of the many compounds present in this plant. Cannabidiol can be mixed with a carrier oil and then it can be taken as oral medicine or CBD oil. This way you can add the oil in the food or take orally using a dropper. There are so many ways to consume the CBD oil.

CBD oil is a wellness cure, and it is said to help with nerves, seizures, and other disorders. Everyone knows that endocannabinoids and Cannabinoids are already present in the human body. The breast milk is one of the sources of endocannabinoids too. That means you can treat kids with CBD oil as the human body already has it.

From anxiety to inflammation, CBD oil gummies are improving kids conditions. There is a big controversy whether you should use these for your kids or not. But parents are using it because there are some success stories where CBD oil gummies have helped kids. 

How is CBD Oil effective for kids?

Kids with attention disorders, for example, with ADHD, have oversensitive nerves. They can get easily overstimulated and lose focus. CBD oil gummies can help them restore their focus and ability to learn like other healthy kids. Have a look at how CBD oil can help kids:

· It can help kids in having a better memory

· CBD oil can improve focus 

· The immunity of kids using CBD is boosted

· Kids who use CBD sleep better

· The immunity of kids using CBD is boosted

CBD oil inhibits serotonin reuptake in the kid brain. And when your serotonin is controlled, the results are better to focus and reduced anxiety. It helps in controlling the emotions like fear, euphoria and depression. A healthy dosage of CBD oil helps in maintaining sanity and keeping the patient sane.

According to the study by Dr Adi Aran at Jerusalem’s Shareek Zedek Hospital, who is the director of pediatric neurology, CBD oil gummies helped around 80% of kids. Sixty autistic kids were treated with CBD oil for approximately seven months. After these seven months, parents were asked to share their reviews. Around 62% of kids showed severe improvement. They had a reduced anxiety, and communication was improved. They had improved behaviour.

80% of parents noted a positive change in the behavior of their kids. 40% of kids showed reduced anxiety. These promising results were an eye-opener, and that is why parents are turning towards using CBD oil for their kids. Although in many states, it’s not legal and the research is not complete.

Success stories for CBD Oil on news

There are so many CBD oil success stories for kids on the news. One of them is about an eight-year-old boy named Noam. He was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2. He couldn’t speak and was helpless and dependent on his mother. From aggression to meltdowns that lasted for long hours, this kid had suffered a lot along with his family.

He was treated at Shaare Zedek Medical complex using CBD oil. The results were beyond amazing. According to the parents, CBD oil was a miracle for them. Noam showed visible improvement in his behaviour. He remained autistic, but his life quality was improved. He was manageable and easily controlled after being treated. 

There is a lot of evidence on how CBD oil helps kids, but still, it shows the link between CBD and ADHD as a whole. Study of a specific compound is not complete. According to a study in 2014, CBD can make kids more alert during the day. But at the same time, it can help kids sleep better at night too. CBD oil is not a cure for all autistic kids as all kids don’t have the same disorders and cant be treated equally. 

What is the law about CBD Oil for kids?

The WHO(World Health Organization) says that CBD oil is not recommended. According to a report released in February 2019by SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory authority), using and selling CBD oil is illegal. But the point is, parents are still using it for their kids. 

Cannabis has been legalized in South Africa since 2018 but still, doctors do not prescribe CBD oil as a medicine.

CBD Oil gummies-A healthy treat for kids

Everyone loves gummies! If you have a stubborn child who doesn’t take any medication, don’t worry! Now you can get CBD oil gummies for your kids who don’t like taking medicine. These gummies are delicious, and kids gulp them. There are many flavours available now. You can pick one that is your kid’s favourite and get them to eat their CBD dosage in a happy form. 

The CBD oil gummies are formulated with other nutrients like magnesium and multivitamins. Another benefit of gummies is that there is a fixed dose of CBD in each gummy. You don’t need to worry about the dose in the dropper in the form of oil. That adds extra benefits of giving your kids these gummies. You can buy CBD online easily from many trusted sellers.

Talking about the CBD oil dosage for kids, every kid is different. If a specific dose worked for one kid, it might not work for another kid. It all depends on their lifestyle, their genetics, their ongoing treatments, ailments, and their immunity. You can start administering a small dosage and gradually increase it over a few weeks. CBD oil dosages for ADHD kids are lower as compared to the kids with epilepsy. Around 5mg twice per day is a good dose to start with kids who are under five years.

CBD oil is expensive, and the FDA does not regulate it. If you are thinking about incorporating CBD oil in your child’s medication, be prepared because it is going to cost you hundreds of Dollars. 

What research says?

The bottom line is that parents are giving CBD oil gummies to their kids, even if doctors don’t prescribe that. Although there are so many success stories where patients are treated using CBD but still giving your kid, a CBD gummy is risky. In many cases, the CBD gummies alleviated the symptoms in kids; that’s why you cannot provide CBD gummies to every kid. 

A proper consultation from a paediatrician is significant. Especially if you don’t know about the side effects, ingredients or who is making these gummies. A lot of other concerns should be taken into consideration, because CBD may trigger detrimental issues too. 

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