Top 5 CBD Tips for Beginners – Beginners Guide to CBD

I did not know that when I tried CBD oil for the first time, I opened the door to a product that would change my life. I have been pumping for years into natural, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies for anxiety disorders, depression, stress and all other aspects of well-being, and by far the CBD has marked the most important thing in my health with absolutely no negative effects.

In accordance with one investigation: CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active hemp, non-psychoactive compound (not very high) that I call Xanax Mother Nature mixed with ibuprofen. In addition to relieving anxiety and inflammation, early patients (including children) used CBD for bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Having used a variety of different CBD products over the past five months, I believe that I am an ” intermediate ” CBD consumer. I tried current and ingestible products, i.e.

  • Oils
  • Chocolates
  • Creams and salves
  • Tinctures
  • Sprays and balms
  • Capsules

I took 2 mg at a time up to 90 mg and found my personal dose of Sweet Spot for various purposes, be it daily stress management, intense anxiety or muscle tension and relief post-workout pain.

Disclaimer: I am sure you have concluded that I am not a doctor (although it would be a fun ride, right?). These tips were developed from my personal experience and amplified through research, interviews, and discussions with other CBD consumers.

Here are some tips for you.

  1. Hydrates More

cbd tips

Most people are dehydrated at all times (we all need to drink more water), but the CBD showed how much water I needed more. As I have noted, your experience might be different, but from the people I have talked to (and from what I have read), it’s a more common “Side Effect.” Just as you may feel drained when drinking tea or coffee, this herb may have similar effects. It is a great reminder to keep the flow of H2O throughout the day!

  1. The Experience Is Different

cbd tips

As with anything from over-the-counter medication to prescriptions and herbal remedies (and even foods!), CBD is a personalized experience. Your 10-milligram experience is different from the experience of your friend, mother or partner. Some people can drink a gallon of coffee and feel nothing, and others (me in particular) go crazy about caffeine just by feeling an espresso: CBD is no different.

The effects and dosage are based on your DNA, and since our bodies are somewhat different, your own chemistry will decide how your body processes hemp. Do not try to compare yourself or compare how you feel with other people you know, or even what you read on the internet, including this publication. It is a good frame of reference so you know what to expect, but no strict and fast rules. Got it?

  1. Find The Right Dose

cbd tips

I cannot tell you how much you need to stop a panic attack, but I can tell you that it’s probably a good idea to start small and ascend. If you are new and especially if you are nervous (quite normal to start a new kind of routine!), Choose a low dose to control your consumption. CBD No Pot chocolates contain 2 mg CBD in every little heart. You can start with one, then take two or three and have it built in a few weeks.

Once you graduate from there, try 10 to 15 milligrams. Sagely Naturals produces a capsule of 10 mg turmeric and CBD that I love, and CW hemp (my favorite CBD) produces capsules of 15 milligrams. From there, try two pills. Take your time to see how long it takes to settle down. Take notes and keep a journal of your feelings. This is a very important part of every new diet and drug, not just CBD!

  1. Find The Right Product

cbd tips

Would you rather have chocolate or a tincture of oil? Maybe you prefer a vitamin-like capsule! Do you need muscle relaxation? A topical balm or cream could be your best bet. Play with it! See what works best for you and your body. This natural remedy has countless benefits and can greatly affect your health, so find the right method, the right product, the right dose and the right time, and do it!

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  1. Do Not Give Up If You Do Not Feel Anything At The Beginning

If you start with a lower dose, you will not feel any effect! That’s normal, so do not worry, and definitely shouldn’t give up, because a world of life without fear is at your fingertips, dear friend. Patience is a virtue, especially in this process.

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