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About a month ago, You Got E-juice came to ECR and offered 90 people (3 x 30 ml) of e-juice to post their names and email addresses in the gift thread. They were crucified but asked for all this personal information. Many of us sent a PM to Jimmy and we gave him our email addresses. Two days later, we got 90ml of E-juice, and now that they have time to get up, it’s time to look back.

Company Overview


They have E-Juice in Vista California, in the south, near San Diego. They boast of not using food colors or artificial sweeteners in their juice. I can state it since all their e-juices seem identical and my coils are not gunking while vaping. They have e-juices in:

  • you got e-juice review30ml
  • 60ml
  • 120ml
  • 240ml


You Got E-juice website is incredibly easy to navigate. The homepage has five hyperlinks; Three of them allow you to choose the size of your bottle, one for CASAA and one for SFATA

Visit You Got E-juice E-shop

Bottle/Juice/Pricing Options

They have a unique and simple system. You choose the size of the bottle you want, either 60, 120 or a sample of 30 ml bottles, all squeezy bottles. Then select the flavor from a drop-down menu to fill that bottle. Each juice has a single advertising phrase about it. There is no fuzz metaphor or the like about how it makes you feel, just an honest description. Their new products include:

  • Candy Cane
  • Apple Juice
  • Cool Mint
  • Egg Tart Custard
  • Fruit Burst
  • Key Lime


Our Experience

I use a Velocity RDA with two vertical coils, 0.24 Ω, and 80 watts. For consistency, the same recommended daily allowance was used and dried to any taste. I use Velocity, although I am not the best to enjoy the taste because of its popularity with ECR. The air is about 50% clogged.

The three flavors I got are yogurt, strawberry cheesecake, and watermelons. All are 3 mg. So let’s take a look on those flavors.

  • Peach Yogurt

you got e-juice review

It is very accurate. It has very little sweetness, but with a hint of vanilla. After two weeks of soaking, it lost some of its acidity, which was overwhelming when I opened it for the first time. It’s just a simple and sour taste. No hidden profiles, no bells and certainly no pipes. I think it would be crazy if it were mixed with a simple fruit like strawberry or cranberry. This could be an ADV for those who like Greek yogurt.

  • Strawberry Cheese Cake

you got e-juice review

Therefore, this particular juice is the reason why I soaked everything a week longer than my usual two weeks. Fresh from the postman it was rough. I tried the cheese, of course, but it was like a hard cheese (think Parmesan or Dublin cheddar), almost without strawberry. Now, after a few weeks of soaking, it’s unattainable. The taste of the cheese is still overwhelming, but I get a more subtle flour flavor that is supposed to represent the crust, I think, and the strawberry is becoming more and more noticeable. Each combination gives me a cake flavor that I do not particularly like. It has a very creamy texture. Maybe it’s much better than a tank to lower the watts? I just dropped at this point. I really wanted to love this one, but I just cannot do it.

  • Watermelon

you got e-juice review

In any case, it’s the opposite of cheesecake for me. Remember, there are no artificial sweeteners in this material it’s just a watermelon candy juice. It’s not the best in its class, and it’s not going to revolutionize e-juice, but it’s a very good juice.


You Got E-juice is a good brand. It might not be the top thing or revolutionize the vaping for you, but it’s a damn solid option if you considered other budget makers.

Visit You Got E-juice E-shop

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